plan for communicating the policy.

Paper details: You will be given a policy format and some security issues that should be addressed by a policy. Based on your review, you will rewrite the policy, develop a plan for addressing the security issues through policy, and develop a plan for communicating the policy.
Source: Electronic Health Records: A Practical Guide for Professionals and Organizations 4th edition by Margret K. Amatayakul 2009 AHIMA
Comments from Support Team: The book is The Practical Guide to HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance 1st Edition by Kevin Beaver and Rebecca Herold. I don’t have a an electronic copy.
Assignment: Policy and Security Analysis
Assignment Instructions
Using pages 373–378 of your textbook, review the policies that address security and privacy.
Based on the security and privacy issues listed below, select policies from your textbook that would best address each of the issues.
Security Issues
• Access to secured areas (i.e., nursing units, pharmacy, etc.)
• Use of employee badges
• Password management

Privacy Issues
• Assignment of minimum necessary
• Individual’s request for information
Using the template provided below, write two policies, one addressing the security issues and one addressing the privacy issues.

ABC Healthcare Organization


Last Updated: [Today’s Date]

Purpose: (What the policy is addressing?)

Requirements: (What are the processes to follow and who do they apply to?)

Procedures: (What steps does the organization need to follow to ensure the requirements are met?)

Special Circumstances: (Is there any issue where the policy may not apply?)

Write a paragraph for your privacy and security policy summarizing why you chose the policies to address the issues. In addition, write a paragraph in which you discuss your plan on how you will communicate the policy to staff.
Grading Rubrics
A. Privacy policy with summary paragraph (10 points)
B. Security policy with summary paragraph (10 points)
C. Communication plan (5 points)
D. APA formatting, to include citation of references (5 point)
E. Writing from scratch