Politics 5 Case Questions


These questions are based off of the material in the Orvis text book and the chapter on Blackboard “Politics of Social Diversity.” 

1.  Answer question 2 for Germany.

2.  Answer question 1 for Nigeria.

3. Answer question 1 for Brazil.

4. After reading pp 159-172 (Sexual Politics and LGBT Rights in Brazil), pp: 179-191 (Sexual Politics and LGBT Rights in China), pp191-199 (Analysis).  Answer the following question:

Sexual identity and behavior are viewed as among the most personal, private and important characteristics of individuals. Brazil is more than promiscuity and Carnival; it is also a state grounded in Catholic identity emphasizing sexual abstinence and is strongly anti-abortion—but it has some of the highest abortion rates in the world. China is more than sexual repression and abortion; it is also a state in which sexual identity is being more openly explored than at any other time in its modern history.

What do you believe explains the divergences of approaches within and between these two countries?

5.  In what ways have both governments responded to diversity?  If regime type doesn’t explain the response, what in you view does?

Only references: ‘Introducing Comparative Politics’ by Orvis, 

                            Politics of Social Diversity Case

                             ( All attached.)