Post PSS301 Full Course – Unit 1,3,5,6,7 & 8 Discussions and Assignments

Post PSS 301 Full Course – Unit 1,3,5,6,7 & 8 Discussions and Assignments


Post PSS 301 Unit 1


Please reply to this thread and let me know what book you have chosen to read
and do your book review and analysis report on.

If you have not chosen your book yet, please email me your decision by the end
of week 2.

Post PSS 301 Unit 3.3 Discussion

Search the internet for resources for entrepreneurs. From
what you find in your research as well as your own personal experiences, what
characteristics are essential to be a successful entrepreneur? Explain your

Post PSS 301 Unit 5.1, 5.2 & 5.3 Discussion


What has been your experience with networking? What
difficulties have you experienced with networking? What are your networking
strengths and weaknesses?


What did you think about the articles posted this week? What
is one new thing you learned? What hint was most helpful?


What are the benefits of business networking in traditional
venues compared to the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and
LinkedIn? Is Social Media replacing traditional networking? To fully answer
these questions, please provide your own experiences along with your own
research on this topic. Please cite your sources in APA format.

Post PSS 301 Unit 6.1 Discussion

Hello All,

Post the networking websites you find in this week’s discussion board.

Describe them a bit and let us know what you think.

Try to find those that are interesting to you and explain why.

We all want to learn from you!

Post PSS 301 Unit 7.1 & 7.2 Discussion


Select a person whom you feel is (or was) a great leader.
What attributes did this person have that made him/her a great leader?


After completing the survey on Leadership Style, please
share your results with the class. Do you believe you have what it takes to be
an effective leader? Please Explain

Post PSS 301 Unit 8.1 & 8.2 Discussion


Based on the Unit 8 articles and your research on the global

  • What
    are some of the trends?
  • What
    is the impact on you and your work?
  • What
    is the impact on our country?
  • Also,
    discuss the role of lifelong learning in preparing for future success in
    this changing environment.


Please post your short book review and analysis reports
within this thread.

Post PSS 301 Color Q Results and Evaluation Assignment

This week you will write your formal analysis of your Color
Q self-assessment results. I will look for the following information:

  • What
    primary and secondary color type are you?
  • Do you
    agree with the results? (Expand on what you posted on the discussion
  • Explain
    why you agree or disagree with the results. Be specific. If you don’t
    agree, what “colors” do think you actually are?
  • Briefly
    provide an analysis of how you work with others. Consider your
    professional experiences and provide an honest analysis of your strengths
    and weaknesses in the workplace.
  • In
    light of your analysis and what you have read in the text, what is your
    ideal environment for work? What is your ideal career? This is a chance to
    really consider your future and get your ideas and thoughts on paper.
    There is something about writing down your thoughts and ideas that helps
    clarify them.
  • Finally,
    are you in your ideal career? Why or why not? How did you get to the place
    you are right now?

There is room for creativity in how you choose to approach
this writing assignment. I will grade on spelling, grammar, and clarity of
writing and thought. The majority of your grade for this assignment will come
from the depth of analysis.

This part of the assignment (not including the part you did
last week) should be between 500-1000 words. I think that you will find that
writing a few sentences or a paragraph on each of the points will get you to
this rather quickly. I will deduct points if it is less than 500 words.

This assignment must be submitted as an attachment in
Microsoft Word format. In accordance with APA rules, remember to cite the book Career
, along with the author, whenever you refer specifically to the book.

Post PSS 301 Effective Management Article summary

Please answer the following questions related to this week’s

1. What are the characteristics of effective managers?

2. What traits should a manager use to foster enthusiasm in
the workplace?

3. Provide me with examples of your own experiences.

I am looking for insightful and complete responses. The
paper should be a minimum of one page (not including the cover sheet and
References page) and submitted as an attachment in Microsoft Word format.
References to all assigned articles should be included within the paper. Please
remember to state each question before you respond. Also, APA citation and
formatting must be adhered to, including listing the assigned articles on your
References page.

Post PSS 301 Reaction to Crisis Article summary

This assignment must be submitted as an attachment in
Microsoft Word format.

Please answer the following questions related to the article provided and
submit your paper to the assignment link. Please ensure that you list the
article on your References page per APA guidelines and use in-text citations
when necessary:

  1. Give
    an example of how you turned a negative experience into a positive one.
  2. What
    tactics do you use to counter adversity?
  3. How
    resilient are you?

Post PSS 301 Book Review and Analysis Report

Submit your book review and analysis report to the
Assignment Link.