Professional Behavior

Professional Behavior


1.)     Do you believe your business is currently in a good competitive position to expand, why or why not? Explain how social responsibility plays a role in your decision to expand or not.

2.)Define operational and tactical planning and then explain the operational details that would be with an expansion.

When hiring new employees, what key points you would stress in their orientation about the following:

Ethics  Communication

3.)   How would you promote the ‘grand opening’ of a new expansion to the Cafe?  Branding is also crucial and different from advertising, how would you identify your Café’s ‘Brand”?

4.)    Would you raise the price of your coffee to help fund the expansion, why or why not?

5.)  With the predicted downturn in the economy, do you think it a business should consider to expand?  Explain your reasoning.

6.)  *Hint, think of the best and worst possible outcomes and base your answer on that.