Ray Spiegel demonstrates the tabla

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When you have completed the midterm make sure you proofread your answers and that you have created a .pdf or word format document so that I can open it after you have sent it. Make sure you submit your midterm by the time stated on the syllabus. The exact quote from the midterm is: YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS TO THE MIDTERM BY 11:55 October 12th. That is Pacific Standard Time. Good Luck and if you have any questions e-mail me immediately.

Read the questions below very carefully. Make sure to start with question #1 so that you become comfortable with how to format of your answer. If I were asked “what is most important to you” about your answers I would say I am most interested in your original thought about the concepts presented in the book. I am looking for you to show me how you have read the chapters and understand the concepts. Then, how can you make them useful in defining your own exact and concise definition of music?

1. From chapter 6 extract what you think truly defines the word melody. Please quote 4-6 sentences from the textbook and place quotes around those sentences. Cite the page or pages where you found your information. Then, synthesize the chapter into 4-6 sentences reflecting your personal decisions about what melody is, and how it is important to music overall. If you use outside sources, do this at the end of your answer and again use quotation marks and cite the source.

2. How we learn musical traditions and how we maintain, modify, notate, teach, and perform them for a new, younger audience falls under the term transmission. Again, please quote 4-6 sentences from the textbook, chapter 4, and place quotes around those sentences. Cite the page or pages where you found your information. Then, synthesize chapter 4 into 4-6 sentences reflecting your personal experience with the transmission of music. How have you learned the music you know? If you use outside sources, do this at the end of your answer and again use quotation marks and cite the source.

3. Music can inspire religious devotion, prepare individuals for war, motivate work, enrich play, and stimulate the passions. Cite excerpts from the book in the same method as above referencing some examples from the Kung people in Namibia and Botswana, Epirote music in traditional Greek weddings, and modern rock, gospel, and folk music. Certainly you have had a moment in your life where music was part of an important event and when you hear it today it takes you back to that moment. Include a discussion of that in your answer.

4. Rhythmic structures are important to all music, whether it be the American marching band, North Indian tala, Japanese shakuhachi tradition, West African drumming, or Afro-Cuban dance music. Select at least three of these types mentioned and again, use the format discussed about to organize your answer.

5. Overall the videos provided on the Moodle site were intended to enhance your understanding of the various chapters. Choose your top 3 or 4 videos from the Moodle site and explain how they specifically helped you to understand the material covered in those chapters.

6. Now that you have read the first six chapters, you hopefully have a better sense of what music is and its importance to the world and to you as an individual. Pick 6-8 sentences from the various chapters of the book that you feel help define music for you. As usual, use quotes and cite the pages. Then complete this answer with your own original thoughts about music and it definition and importance to you.

7. From the Essential Elements of Music Card and CD, draw the circle of fifths and also explain the chromatic scale. DO NOT download a Circle of Fifths from the internet but DO redraw the one on the card and explain to the best of your ability how it works. Also write out a chromatic scale using the rules given. Submit as a photo or a screenshot with your midterm.


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