MKT 301 Principles of Marketing

Module 5 Assignment


We will spend a week in class discussing segmentation. For this component you will be required to identify and define the market segments you will target in your plan. It is vital to your success in this assignment that you complete Module Four, including all the activities and the Elder Care Scenario.

You must have a minimum of TWO segments for your project.

Your analysis should include:

1. A narrative description of each of the segments. You are required to give each a name. For example, if I were segmenting older consumers for a pet product I might have “Empty Nesters” or “Little Old Lady Cat Lovers”. This narrative is usually a one paragraph summary of the segment’s profile.

2. How you are segmenting the groups (demographics, psychographic, geographic or other criteria) including the characteristics of your target segments. Be VERY specific and use no less than four demographic and four psychographic variables for each of your segments.

You may use any combination of text, charts and graphs you wish to accomplish parts 1 and 2. However, be sure that it is clear what, and who, comprise your segments.