Select and share your Persuasive Research Essay Topic

All I need by this Wednesday is just the thesis statement. The essay isn't due until next week. Did you see the list of topics?

 Select and share your Persuasive Research Essay Topic (see topics list in Week 6 - Assignments sheet). Briefly discuss why you chose this topic.
Develop and share the thesis statement of your Persuasive Research Essay (remember it must make an arguable claim about your topic), which is due at the end of Week 6.
Here's a great video reviewing how to write a strong thesis:
Topics List:

Legalization of Marijuana

Affirmative Action (college or workplace)

Cameras/Surveillance in Nursing Homes

Diet Supplements (should the FDA regulate them harder than the current policy)

Genetic interference/gene manipulation

Dress Codes in Schools

Foreign language – proving whether or not a foreign language should be required of US students from early age.

Nationalized Heatlhcare vs. Privatized Healthcare

Legal Drinking Age

Minimum Wage

Sex Education in Schools

Year Round School

Education: Online Education vs. Traditional Classroom

Hate crimes (what is a hate speech vs free speech) what is the line?

Regardless of the topic you choose, you should focus on creating an interesting introduction containing a narrow, clear, and arguable thesis; writing a clearly organized body with logical support and external sources for your assertions; a conclusion that makes a reasonable and persuasive point.

Length Requirement:

600 - 750 words, as counted by Microsoft Word on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, not including the Works Cited (Careful editing is an important part of the writing process. Be sure that your essay does not exceed 750 words).

Diction Requirements:

This is a formal paper. The personal pronouns “I” and “You” in all their forms are not allowed. Contractions not are allowed. Adhere strictly to proper grammar and mechanics.

Word Processing Requirement:

The body of the paper must be typed according to MLA style guidelines (These are the requirements found in “Sample MLA Essay” and “Formatting a Paper in MLA Style” handouts found under "Course Documents and Resources").

The paper MUST be created in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.

Under NO circumstances should you submit this paper in Works (.wps format) or Wordpad (.wpd format). If you do not have Microsoft Word, download OpenOffice from and use it: the program is free (can’t beat that price!), and it has a facility to save in the .doc format. (It also gives you a spreadsheet that is compatible with Excel and a presentation program that is compatible with PowerPoint.) Or, you can choose to prepare your essay in Works or Wordpad and save it as a rich text file (.rtf).

Source Requirement:

This paper requires at least THREE separate sources. Wikipedia, quotation databases, or various dictionaries CANNOT be used as a source. See the handout What is MLA?, under Course Documents & Resources for discussion of appropriate sources.

A Works Cited page is required. It must have at least THREE separate sources listed on it.

All sources quoted, paraphrased, or summarized must be cited in the new MLA style. An explanation of the MLA documentation style is found in the handout in Course Documents & Resources called “Updated MLA Style of Documentation”.

In-text citations must be indicated by the proper combination of signal phrases and parenthetical references. They must clearly point to a unique and readily identifiable entry on the Works Cited page. See our relevant course materials regarding parentheticals/in-text citations.

Works Cited entries must conform to MLA style. See our relevant course materials regarding reference pages and reference entries.

Supplemental Materials:

Relevant Readings

SWR, Chapter 10, Argumentation (286-322)

SWR, Chapter 14, Writing a Paper Using Research (367-440)

CWH, Part 1, Section7, Writing Argumentative Essays (94-106)

CWH, Part 7, Sections 41-47, Doing Research and Documenting Sources (345-474)

Sample Argumentative and Research Essays


SWR, p. 303-305: "Students, Take Note!" (student essay)

SWR, p. 306-308: "Wild Animals Aren’t Pets" (professional essay)

SWR, p. 306-308: "Let People Own Exotic Animals" (professional essay)


SWR, p. 422-430: "Frida Kahlo: A Life on Canvas" (student essay)

Supplemental Resources

Argumentative Essays:;/owl/argument.html

Research Essays:

On-Line Research Resources:

The Florence-Darlington Tech Library is well-stocked with appropriate materials, many of which can be accessed on-line.

While students are on campus, they are encouraged to visit the college’s homepage and visit Li