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What is the purpose of this document?

The StudentPack is the document you, the student, needs to complete to demonstrate competency. This document includes the context and conditions of your assessment, the tasks to be completed by you and an outline of the evidence to be gathered.

The information includes the following:

  • Information related to the unit of competency
  • Guidelines and instructions to complete each task and activity
  • A student evaluation form

Student Evaluation Form

These documents are designed after conducting thorough industry consultation. Students are encouraged to evaluate this document and provide constructive feedback to their training organisation if they feel that this document can be improved.

Link to other unit documents

  • The Student Pack is a document for students to complete to demonstrate their competency. This document includes context and conditions of assessment, tasks to be administered to the student, and an outline of the evidence to be gathered from the student.
  • The Unit Mapping is a document that contains information and comprehensive mapping with the training package requirements.
  • The Unit Requirements is a document that contains information related to the unit of competency for the Training Organisation staff and students.

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  1. Student and trainer details Student details Full name:
    Student ID:
    Contact number:
    Email address:
    Trainer details Full name:
  2. Qualification and unit of competency
Qualification/Course/Program Details
Unit of competency
Code: SITHCCC018
Name: Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements
Releases: 1.0
Release date: 03/Mar/2016
  1. Assessment Submission Method
☐ By hand to trainer/assessor ☐ By email to trainer/assessor ☐ Online submission via Learning Management System (LMS) ☐ Any other method _________________________________________________ (Please describe here)
  1. Student declaration
    • I have read and understood the information in the Unit Requirements prior to commencing this Student Pack
    • I certify that the work submitted for this assessment pack is my own. I have clearly referenced any sources used in my submission. I understand that a false declaration is a form of malpractice;
    • I have kept a copy of this Student Pack and all relevant notes, attachments, and reference material that I used in the production of this Student Pack;
    • For the purposes of assessment, I give the trainer/assessor permission to:
    • Reproduce this assessment and provide a copy to another member of staff; and
    • Take steps to authenticate the assessment, including communicating a copy of this assessment to a plagiarism checking service (which may retain a copy of the assessment on its database for future plagiarism checking).

    Student signature: ________________________________

    Date: ____/_____/______________

  2. Assessment Plan
The student must be assessed as satisfactory in each of the following assessment methods in order to demonstrate competence in a variety of ways.
Evidence number/ Task number Assessment method/ Type of evidence/ Task name Sufficient evidence recorded/Outcome
Assessment task 1 Knowledge Test (KT) S / NS (First Attempt) S / NS (Second Attempt)
Assessment task 2 Skills Test (ST) S / NS (First Attempt) S / NS (Second Attempt)
Outcome C ☐ NYC ☐ Date assessed: Trainer signature:
  1. Completion of the Assessment Plan
Your trainer is required to fill out the Assessment Plan Outcome records above, when: You have completed and submitted all the requirements for the assessment tasks for this cluster or unit of competency. Your work has been reviewed and assessed by your trainer/assessor. You have been assessed as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory for each assessment task within the unit of competency. You have been provided with relevant and detailed feedback. Every assessment has a “Feedback to Student” section used to record the following information. Your trainer/assessor must also ensure that all sections are filled in appropriately, such as: Result of Assessment (satisfactory or unsatisfactory) Student name, signature and date Assessor name, signature and date Relevant and detailed feedback
  1. Unit Requirements
You, the student, must read and understand all of the information in the Unit Requirements before completing the Student Pack. If you have any questions regarding the information, see your trainer/assessor for further information and clarification.

Pre-Assessment Checklist: Task 1 – Knowledge Test

The purpose of this checklist
The pre-assessment checklist helps students determine if they are ready for assessment. The trainer/assessor must review the checklist with the student before the student attempts the assessment task. If any items of the checklist are incomplete or not clear to the student, the trainer/assessor must provide relevant information to the student to ensure they understand the requirements of the assessment task. The student must ensure they are ready for the assessment task before undertaking it.
Section 1: Information for Students
☐ Make sure you have completed the necessary prior learning before attempting this assessment. ☐ Make sure your trainer/assessor clearly explained the assessment process and tasks to be completed. ☐ Make sure you understand what evidence is required to be collected and how. ☐ Make sure you know your rights and the Complaints and Appeal process. ☐ Make sure you discuss any special needs or reasonable adjustments to be considered during the assessment (refer to the Reasonable Adjustments Strategy Matrix – Appendix A and negotiate these with your trainer/assessor). ☐ Make sure that you have access to a computer and the internet (if you prefer to type the answers). ☐ Make sure that you have all the required resources needed to complete this assessment task. ☐ The due date of this assessment task is in accordance with your timetable. ☐ In exceptional (compelling and compassionate) circumstances, an extension to submit an assessment can be granted by the trainer/assessor. Evidence of the compelling and compassionate circumstances must be provided together with your request for an extension to submit your assessment work. ☐ The request for an extension to submit your assessment work must be made before the due date.