specific internal parasite

You are required to write a 5 page (minimum) essay paper (not including the title page, abstract or reference page) over a specific internal parasite. This means 5 completely full pages of a page is not considered a full page, in APA format. Your essay must include all reputable sources (Wikipedia is not a reputable source), but CDC.gov is. 5 of those sources must be primary sources in the form of academic journals. Please be sure to include at least five sentences worth of information, in your own words, of course, from each journal then properly cite it. You can have 15 reputable sources, but 5 of those 15 reputable sources must be primary sources in the form of academic journals and you must gather 5 sentences of information to use in your essay paper from each journal. Please make sure your sources are no more than 5 years old. You are not able to use any quotes in this paper. Everything should be in your own words including the information from all sources. Your paper should include the following, in APA format: Title page including a running head on all pages (see APA format) Abstract (150 250 words) be sure to include keywords as it will not be optional in this paper. Minimum of 5 pages (introduction, body, and conclusion) including: The lifecycle of the parasite in its host(s), including how the parasite is contracted The pathophysiology of the disease once in the host The epidemiology of the disease (where it is prevalent most, who it affects, etc) Signs and symptoms of the host Medicines required (if any) Grading rubric: 50% of your grade based on APA format and references Grading Scale: APA format: 5 Points Each Title Page Running head Abstract / Keywords (required here) Times New Roman / 12 pt. font Double Space (do not double-double space) / Indent Paragraphs / Pg #s Introduction, Body, and Conclusion (make sure paragraphs are at least 5 sentences long) APA format: 10 Points Each References (5 primary journals) In-text Citation (a maximum of 2 in-text citations per paragraph) Paper Details Length (5 FULL pages) 25 points (5 points per page) Grammar 10 points Lifecycle, pathophysiology, epidemiology, signs and symptoms, meds 15 points