Student Evaluation of Volunteer Experience

LDR 461 Professional Applications in Service Learning

Week 3 Assignment

Student Evaluation of Volunteer Experience

Make certain to fill out the “Student Evaluation of Volunteer Experience” form and submit it to the instructor by the end of this week.

You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

Student Evaluation of Volunteer Experience

Student’s Name:

Student’s E-mail Address:

Site Provider: _________

Site Supervisor’s Name and Contact Information (phone and e-mail):

Please rate your performance and that of the Supervisor/Site Provider.

1) Leadership Supervisor ___ Student Volunteer

Consider ability to lead and guide others, think objectively, show respect for others.

2) Communication Supervisor Student Volunteer

Consider ability to transmit knowledge and ideas orally or in written form, and to listen.

3) Cooperation Supervisor Student Volunteer

Consider attitude toward work, associates, company, and others.

4) Quality of Work Supervisor Student Volunteer

Consider accuracy, thoroughness, timeliness, and amount of work production.

5) Professional Image Supervisor Student Volunteer

Consider personal appearance, courteous manner, and attendance.

6) Time Management Supervisor Student Volunteer

Consider planning, follow-up, efficient use of resources, office time.

7) Responsibility Supervisor Student Volunteer

Consider reliability and dependability.


1) Describe the ways in which you believe this field experience was a helpful learning experience.

2) Do you think the services you performed were relative to that of a professional in your field of study?

3) How much time did the Site Supervisor spend supervising your work?

4) Were you treated in a respectful manner?

5) State the specific tasks or functions that you were interested in completing, but were unable. Share the reasons why you were unable to perform these tasks.

6) What courses here at best helped to prepare you for your experience?

7) Do you recommend that your Site be used again? If so, why and if not, please share why.

8) In what areas of within the Site did you spend your time (e.g., clerical, meetings, working directly with supervisor, receiving training, special projects, client contact, fact gathering/investigation, phone, drafting memorandums, etc.)?