Trends Impacting Business Operations And Administration

Discussion: Trends Impacting Business Operations And Administration

Based on your background readings:

  1. Analyze and evaluate the two most salient trends impacting the business operations and/or administration.
  2. Are these trends uniquely different for ancillary services vs. inpatient services?
  3. Where do you see these trends going in the future and why?

You could use growth of value based care and fee for service health care, unless you have something else. Thanks.

Employment Law

In the transcripts provided for the final project case study, many  risks occur through the actions of the characters. Based on the readings for this module, what laws are applicable in this situation and how are they applicable? Support your response with specific examples. Additionally, who should be accountable for the potential legal failures in this scenario? How can the supervisor and call center manager create a culture of accountability?