Waterborne Outbreak of Cryptosporidium Infections

Public health response is crucial in the event of an infectious disease outbreak to reduce the number of people infected and to reduce the spread of disease. In outbreaks of a large magnitude, miscommunication between local, state, and federal agencies can delay the response and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Review the case study in the chapter “The Massive Waterborne Outbreak of Cryptosporidium Infections, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1993” in your textbook.

Write a 3–4-page report in Microsoft Word format to include the following:

Describe, in brief, the health issue in the case study as well as the response methods to the health issue in chronological order.
Evaluate the case study for appropriateness of response by both local and state officials.
Rate the readiness and proficiency of the city health officials in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Suggest more effective response methods for the public health response in this case study.
Submission Details:

Support your statements with appropriate examples and scholarly references.
Cite all sources using the APA format.
Name your document SUO_PHE4095_W1_A3_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
Submit your assignment to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned