(1) In this article (Communication Today, 2020), Dr. Mark Deuze elegantly speaks on the idea that “media and mass communication” play a strong role in society and how it affects us as a whole and even

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In this article (Communication Today, 2020), Dr. Mark Deuze elegantly speaks on the idea that “media and mass communication” play a strong role in society and how it affects us as a whole and even those around the world. Uses many examples from different studies on how the growth of mass communication through all the different types of media (social, network, etc) can be used for good or false information causing strife and hatred. I wouldn’t say that what he is telling us we didn’t already know, but more providing better evidence and explanation of what we do know. That social media and the news media can and do cause a lot of hatred and friction within the population based on their bias and “fake news”. Unfortunately, you don’t have too many individuals or corporations that will help inform with true factual news or information anymore, as most are just looking for the most clicks or attention. As Dr. Mark Deuze states “A similar media-centric logic is at work in claims toward the opposite direction, placing the blame squarely on social media for disseminating fake news and misinformation about the coronavirus, fomenting conspiracy theories and amplifying the voices of hatred, racism, and fear throughout society.”(Communication Today, 2020) Having said how much the communication plays a key role in shaping the ideas and mindset of the population, add a pandemic on top of it all and this can create chaos quickly. In uncertain times, having clear concise, and factual information can help everyone move forward out of a dark period. If you watch society, you see it relying more on the news media and less on their own research, which can create a whole new mindset outside of their own.


Hong, Myung, & Kim (2021) conducted a study to explore the indirect process of media effect on health behavior by analyzing the collaboration between presumed media influence and interpersonal communication.  By utilizing the influence of presumed media influence hypothesis, Hong et al., investigated how interpersonal health communication related to the presumed media influence on health behavior.  Hong et al. (2021) study two different types of health issues to see if there is a proposed relationship between presumed media influence and interpersonal communication.  The two groups studied were on HIV testing and the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

The study was completed in 2015 with 235 college students from a large Midwestern university by completing an online survey.  To gage the frequency of exposure to health media messages, respondents were asked how often they viewed or heard media content for HIV testing and having more fruits/vegetables in daily diet.  The respondents were asked questions about perception of media influence on others, interpersonal health communication, and to report their intent to engage in health behaviors.

Through the study, Hong et al. determined that the effect of presumed media influence on behavioral intention would be exaggerated by the levels of interpersonal health communication.  Hong et al (2021), further wrote that mass media and interpersonal communication are substituting for each other if used as information avenues.  Hong et. al. (2021), believes that future studies should be analyzed with other health behaviors utilizing their hypothesis.  Hong et al. (2021), further stated that the preferment of one’s perception of media influence on others can be strategy to increase normal perception and intention for health behavior, especially where people are less likely to have discussions on health issues.  Hong et al. (2021) further wrote that scholars and health professionals should consider the indirect effect of media content as a potential approach for health education and health behavior change.


Kahraman, Gokasan, and Ozad (2020) share their research on the usage of social networks as a new communication platform by collecting data from multiple studies done on the matter. This article is about social networks and their increasing use of social networking websites. The article states that “digital natives” especially those university-aged. The excess use of social networks leads those who use them to see it as an “extension” of their life(Karhraman, et al., 2020). This research led the authors to name social networks a “new communication platform for interpersonal communication.” (Karhraman, et al., 2020).

Kahraman, et al. (2020) share the term, “digital natives”, which refers to those who were born after the 1980s. Those born during this time are known to have grown up in an “e-social environment” (Karhraman, et al., 2020). Meaning they have a higher level of skill than those born before that time. This leads them to have more “tech skills” than those born before. Today almost every university student is considered a “digital native”. This leads the focus of the study on Facebook, it is selected as the most used website in the study (Karhraman, et al., 2020). Daily, Facebook allows approximately 68.5% of “digital natives” (Karhraman, et al., 2020).           In communication, this has paved the way for past, current, and future means of communication. University students strongly depend on social networking sites to communicate with others. Though the study shows that communication can be dependant on social networking sites Karaman, et al. (2020) calls for the new generation to “improve their communication skills”. The overuse of social media could potentially lead to low levels of personal development as well as interpersonal communication. With technology becoming an essential part of life, we must grow with it.



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