After watching the film write an analysis Felicite-Alain Gomis-Senegal/France/Belgium/Lebanon-2017

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Felicite-Alain Gomis-Senegal/France/Belgium/Lebanon-2017-129min

In order to see the film, you need to pay for it, I will give you the fee in the tips once you are done

double-space with a 12-point
font size, and it must have two separate pages as described below;

• Page 1: A brief review on the movie with own words (no quotations
& do not do any research about the film, director, actress, etc. – I want to hear
your own interpretation), including a title of the movie, director’s name, and a
year of production, e.g., Syndromes and a Century (Apichatpong
Weerasethakul, 2006), plus a brief description of one scene you will analyze in

Page 2.
• Page 2: Analyze all camera work (movement, focus, zoom, lens type,
level/angle, etc.) you have found in the scene mentioned in Part 1, writing why,
you think, the director made such decisions.
(4) Analysis: Art Experience (20%)
A student will write an analysis on ONE of assigned artwork

Page 3 Focusing on the way of filming, NOT on the plot, but on how the story, the ideas are expressed with the technical devices of cinema. You are going to examine the way the filmmakers develop their points or commentaries, express their vision, create emotions, impact our perception, produce a particular viewing experience.

For example, in the film you select to work on, you might want to examine and explain l● the use of composition, depth of field, and dissolve to develop a certain social commentary, l● or how you recognize certain characteristics of Italian Neorealism, or Classical Hollywood Cinema, l● or how the style of the chosen film differs from a particular stylistic trend, l● or how it is an example of “auteur” cinema, l● or how a claim developed in one of our readings can be applied to the film or one of its scenes, etc… As usual, you will demonstrate your points, prove your claims, with the analysis of specific scenes or shots.

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