Business case

Business case

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 Assignment 1

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Instructions:This is an individual assignment. Use the blackboard to submit your word file with answers by 11:59 pm on the due date (no hard copies please). Late submissions will receive a zero grade. Start working on this early.


  1. Business case: Analyze the following business case and provide your recommendations. (50 points)

Big E. Bank

  1. John Adams is the chief information officer of Global Consultants (GC), a very large consulting firm with offices in more 100 countries around the world. GC is about to purchase a set of several Internet-based financial software packages that will be installed in all of their offices. There are no standards at the application layer for financial software but several software companies that sell financial software (call them group A) use one standard to enable their software to work with one another’s software. However, another group of financial companies (call them group B) use a different standard. Although both groups have software packages that GC could use, GC would really prefer to buy one package from group A for one type of financial analysis and one package from group B for a different type of financial analysis. The problem is that then the two packages cannot communicate and GCs staff would end up having to type of same data into both packages. The alternative is to buy two packages from the same group—so that data could be easily shared but that would mean having to settle for second best for one of the packages. Although there have been some reports in the press about the two groups of companies working together to develop one common standard that will enable software to work together, there is no firm agreement yet. What advice would you give Adams?