Business Ethics 8 assignment

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Ethics Portfolio

Please ensure that your ethics portfolio is complete for the final project. As a reminder, you were provided an ethics portfolio template in week one and have added to it each week during the course. Now that you have finalized the ethics portfolio you should assess and correlate the information to synthesize how you can you this portfolio for your future. For the final ethics portfolio project, you will need to;

Submit your completed ethics portfolio.

Submit a 4-5 page summary on your assessment of the information from your personal assessments, the discussion forum information that you recorded during the course, the assignment information that you recorded during the course, and your take-aways from the weekly required reading and lectures. You should assess and correlate the information to synthesize how you can you this portfolio for your future. You will need to discuss these points from; alternatives, analysis, application, and action. Please also support your viewpoints with 2 or more peer-reviewed article from the GU library that were not used prior within the course. The articles will also need to be no more than 5-years-old in publication.

The 4-5 page assignment should be submitted as a Word document and APA format is required. The title page and reference page are not counted in the 4-5 page requirement. Here is a template.

You will also be required to submit a PowerPoint presentation of 5-10 slides that highlights the key elements and essential learning points of your ethics portfolio.

Ethical Decision-Making Framework Model

Note: This document should be submitted at the end of course as per instructions.








Ethical Assessment #1

If the sequence of selection is character, compassion, candor, assistance and charity then score would be high.

The score for each value changes according to the sequence.

When making ethical decisions it is important to consider character at the organizational level.

In future, I will consider the importance of ethical decision based on values and morals.

The list of characters need to kept at the times and it must be considered when making ethical decisions.

Ethical Assessment #2

If the sequence is honesty, fairness, extracting the truth, integrity and environment, then definitely the output would have been excellent.

Honesty is more important but in organizations sometimes information need to be kept confidential.

The transparency need to be maintained according to the type of information.

The personal and private information of individuals in organizations should be kept confidential.

The score for fairness need to be improved. Such value increases the probability of ethical decision making.

Ethical Assessment #3

The overalls core could have been improved if the order is seriousness, tolerance, truthfulness, perseverance and sacrifice.

The seriousness is more important for improving the essence of ethical decision with regard to business.

Even for small situation, the seriousness should be improved from the perspective of values and morals.

Business organizations need to consider seriousness as an important value irrespective of size of the issue.

Truthfulness also enhances with seriousness.

Week One Summary

The importance of business ethics had been discussed.

A case study could be better.

The score from values and moral survey would be improved in future.

Again each value should be explored deeply.

The personal assessments are very important to know the perception before completing the course.

Week Two Summary

Ethical dilemmas during corporate decision making

Two cases related to Nature Conservancy and Microchips

The invasion of privacy with technology is unethical

The decision making with regard to strategic partnership

Self-awareness is improved with regard to technology and privacy

Week Three Summary

Ethical awareness through article review

Two articles have been reviewed

Conceptual frameworks are discussed in selected articles

The insights from articles helps in developing corporate ethical policy

Business ethics are formulated based on empirical studies.

Week Four Summary

Organizations need to be honest with regard to their social responsibility activities. Organizations should enter into partnership with honest charity organizations.

Two case studies Theo Chocolate and CVS pharmacy have been analyzed in this week

The government should monitor the activities of organizations with regard to social responsibility programs.

The import of raw material from poor nations should be examined with magnifying lens to find the actual intentions of organizations.

Social responsibility programs are being used as disguise to perform some commercial activities by some business organizations.

Week Five Summary

Businesses responsibility towards climate changes. The drastic climate changes could be avoided with safety measures by corporate organizations.

In the selected article the messages from top level leaders in oil and gas industry have been analyzed. The authors have found gap between the leaders messages and actions in real time.

Now it is time for business organizations to redesign their business strategies by synching them with business ethics.

Safety measures are more important. Organizations need to anticipate the challenges with accidents at workplace and take measures.

Corporate social responsibility, sustainability and business ethics should be linked to the core strategy of the business organization.

Week Six Summary

Week Seven Summary

Week Eight Summary

Instructions: Below (on page 2) is a sample of the template data to assist you in your creative thinking for week one! On the weekly ethics portfolio, you are welcome to submit it along with the week one assignment, however it is not required. It is a note taking template. I highly encourage everyone to submit it each week, as this helps to keep you on track, but again, it is not required. You will use the template note-taking document to assist you in the final ethics portfolio assignment.

Additional Guidance:

For the week one assessment results, please add them to the template that you will use for the final course project. This template is a type of “note taking” document. For the formal final assignment, you will need to have your final project in paragraph format, proper APA format, etc. For the purpose of the week one assignment, etc. you are welcome to just include bullet point comments, as a note taking type record of your thoughts. Or you may elect to begin to formalize the document in paragraph format. You will not be deducted credit if you submit bullet point format for week one.

The instructions on this assignment are intentionally somewhat “loose” to not box you in on your thinking. You can begin to relate some of your assessment results to the template information. As you build this template document over the next several weeks, it will begin to “come together” and make sense and you continue to record your thoughts on all the items required each week. It may not seem to full start to make sense until week three or four, but it will!

The week one assessment results serve as somewhat of a foundational start and you will continue to build on those elements for the future weeks. You are welcome to discuss the results “overall” and conceptually. You do not need to box your thinking into what only the results say in black and white. Please feel free to expand on your thinking of what you believe the results mean to you.

The great thing about an ethics class, is that there is really not a “wrong” answer! You just need to show that you are outlining your thinking and that you continue to correlate your thinking to the assignments each week. Sometimes you may say, “I didn’t really agree with everyone” And that is ok! Or you may say, “My response this week didn’t directly tie into my assessment results, but for this topic, I do feel differently because…” And that is ok!


Assessment Summary






Ethical Assessment #1

If I had chosen ABC then my results may have been XYZ. If I had not selected ABC then my ethical outlook may be different in the following ways… XYZ

The Pro’s and Con’s of my selection are… ABC. They are pro’s because of XYZ. They are con’s because of XYZ

Ethical principles from the reading or a journal article that support my viewpoints are… ABC

For the current time I will apply these actions in my professional life by… ABC In the future I could see this impacting my professional career by… XYZ

Any additional thoughts that you may have!

Assessment Make sure you have al lthe facts about the ethical dillemia

Alternatives Consider your choices

Analysis Identify your decision and tests its validity

Application Apply ethical principles to your decision

Action Make a decision

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