BUSN319 Week 3 Discussion (dq1+dq2) (November 2019)

BUSN 319 Marketing

Week 3 Discussion


Discuss how marketers use primary data and secondary data, and provide some examples. Feel free to help your classmates by sharing sources you’ve found while working on your Course Project!

Please respond to the graded topic prompt above with either a text reply or by posting a multimedia response, and verify that your submission posts.

As this class has a required in-class activity, two postings to this discussion topic are required to receive full credit.


All students who were present in the Week 3 class (either in-person or online) and participated in the activity will receive 15 points here. Nothing more is required of you.

For students not present at the Week 3 class, go to the WebEx tab and watch the recording of the class. Sometime during the first 90 minutes of the class you will see the activity. Alternatively you can review the Power Point for the class which you can find in Files and within the Power Point you will find slides on the In-Class Activity.

Please post on how you would have participated in/responded to the activity had you been present.