Career informative speech — geriatric nursing

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Please help me write this speech! I will add personal details to it later. Here is the relevant info, as well as the completed outline attached.

The purpose of the speech is to inform on a specific career related to the Academic Degree you are pursuing. The speech is not specifically about you.  Instead, it is about the career itself.

How To Get Started:

Imagine you are delivering a speech during Career Day at a school. Describe to your audience the nature of this profession such as specific daily job duties, working environment, educational requirements, job prospects, advancement prospects, salaries, etc.

Required Speech Details

  1. Educational and Training requirements
  2. Job prospects
  3. Type of physical location job occurs in such as office buildings, hospitals, outdoors, travel, etc.
  4. Type of social environment such as group settings, partners, solo work, etc.
  5. Day to day duties
  6. Salaries
  7. Continuing education and training required
  8. An interesting fact or anecdote about profession
  9. Formally cite three source citations in your speech. Sources can come from any verifiable publications: books, websites, journals, etc. Only one citation from each “type” of source is allowed. For example, one website, one magazine, one book, etc. 


Speech Outline





I. Introduction

Hello everyone! I am very excited to walk you through my career choice as a geriatric nurse.

A. Attention Getter

“Growing older is inevitable, but doing it gracefully is a skill. This insightful comment highlights the need of elder care in our culture.”

B. Purpose

In my speech today, I want to shed some light on the subject of geriatric nursing and emphasize how important it is and how vital it is to guarantee the welfare of our aging population.

C. Central Idea

· The key focus of geriatric nursing is ensuring that all the unique healthcare needs of the elderly populations are met to enhance their quality of life, and maintain their dignity as they get older.

D. Preview Key Points

1. Point #1

The unique healthcare needs and services of the aging population.

2. Point #2

The key roles of geriatric nursing in meeting the needs of the elderly.

3. Point #3

Rewards and challenges in caring for the elderly.

II. Body of Speech

A. Key Point #1

· Individuals often deal with multiple health problems associated with age, such as chronic illnesses, mobility concerns, and cognitive changes as they get older (Zhang et al., 2023).

· Geriatric nurses focus on the identification and management of the elderly’s healthcare needs to by implementing comprehensive care plans that meet the aging population’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

B. Key Point #2

· Besides, the provision of healthcare, geriatric nurses also provide emotional care and support, which helps the aging population to feel safe and comfortable (Boltz et al., 2020).

· Geriatric nurses also act as a powerful resource of confidence and guidance for patients and families as they deal with the challenges generated by aging.

C. Key Point #3

· Due to the overwhelming emotional demands of caring of the aging patients with different health issues, geriatric nursing can be quite challenging (Zhao et al., 2021).

· These nurses greatly enhance the quality of life for the elderly, allowing them to age with respect and dignity regardless of the obstacles they face.

III. Conclusion

Sharing with you the knowledge and insights regarding geriatric nursing has been an honor. We have all discovered the significance of geriatric nursing in meeting the unique healthcare needs of the elderly, providing them with compassionate care, and dealing with the advantages and obstacles of this line of work. Geriatric nurses play a crucial role ensuring that our older loved ones receive the specialized and respectable care they deserve as our population continues to age. I appreciate your attention as I acknowledge the value of geriatric nursing in our society.


Boltz, M., Capezuti, E., Zwicker, D., & Fulmer, T. T. (Eds.). (2020). 
Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice. Springer Publishing Company.

Zhang, S., Yin, Z., & Zhang, G. (2023). Long-Term Care Models in Geriatric Nursing: A Comparative Analysis and Recommendations for Optimal Care. 
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Zhao, S., Yin, P., Xiao, L. D., Wu, S., Li, M., Yang, X., … & Feng, H. (2021). Nursing home staff perceptions of challenges and coping strategies during COVID-19 pandemic in China. 
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