Develop workplace policy and procedures

Introduction of Tiny Opera Company–Refer to Case Study

Sustainability Definition &Why is sustainability important? (Economic/socio-political/environment) Why do we need sustainability policies, what is a policy? Pg 6

Federal legislations for sustainability pg 10

List some legislations and regulatory documents

Refer to

Why do we need to follow above legislations…For compliance purpose?

Best practice models used by Theatres and performance spaces

What is best practice pg 15

Refer to:

Include Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle Diagram pg 14 (for planning and implementing policy)

Green Office government/purchasing/green-office-guide/

Elaborate on The AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 pg 13-14

Develop three options for the direction and focus of the policy

Policy Focus of the policy Effectiveness of the policy Timeframe Cost of Implementation ($)
1.replacing wall-mounted radiators with efficient heaters To have the optimum usage of the radiators Cost savings from lower heating bills
2.floor heating as opposed to wall-mounted heating
3.replace old dishwasher with new, high WELS rated dishwasher
4.replacing old wood heater with new, efficient wood heater that meets standards or with alternative heat source
5.developing procedures to decrease resource use

Summarise the table in a paragraph

Consultation with stakeholders pg23

Definition (why do you need to do consultation)

Identify the stakeholders

Mapping of the stakeholders (include the picture on pg 25 with description of High Power, highly interested people…..)

Consultation strategies pg 25. Include the table on pg26

Out of the 3 policies discussed in above table, which one will you follow as preferred option?

Make your recommendations for the policy

Drafting a sustainability policy for Tiny Opera Company

In regards to:

  • Increase sustainability across its organisation
  • Minimising resources use
  • reducing toxic material and hazardous chemical use
  • employing life cycle management approaches
  • Implementing a sustainability continuous improvement strategy.
Scope of the policy(who it applies to, relevant standards and legislation) Tiny Opera Company’s commitment to the policy Address areas of sustainability