Do the three 1.Module Reflective Writing Assignment Your writings should be: About 400-600 words longRelated to the readings, assignments, and/or discussions from this weekEvidence of critical thinkin

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Do the three

1.Module Reflective Writing Assignment

Your writings should be:

  • About 400-600 words long
  • Related to the readings, assignments, and/or discussions from this week
  • Evidence of critical thinking

2.Body paragraphs (sometimes called “discussion sections”) are the parts of your essay that aren’t the intro or conclusion. Each of these paragraphs will have: a leading topic sentence that states the paragraph’s focus, evidence (quotes, examples, or research), and analysis (your explanation of how the evidence supports the paragraph’s main idea.


  • Choose a story or poem from this Module to focus on.
  • Decide what aspect or element of the story to focus your paragraph on. (For instance: how the setting emphasizes the story’s meaning, or how a character changes in the story)
  • Re-read or scan through the story or poem to find quotes to use in your paragraph
  • Be sure you’ve read Chapter 30, pages 1914-1918
  • Use these reference guides to help you understand paragraph composition:

    • Writing Toolkit: Paragraphs / Discussion Sections
    • Writing Toolkit: Formatting Your Paper For Submission
    • Writing Toolkit: Direct Quoting, Partially Quoting, Paraphrasing
    • Writing Toolkit: What is literary analysis?


A paragraph that includes:

  • Topic sentence
  • Explanation
  • Example from selected story or poem (Summary and Paraphrase)
  • Quote from selected story or poem
  • Analysis of evidence
  • Summary sentences bringing it all together


Your writings should be:

  • About 300 words long
  • Related to the readings, assignments, and/or discussions from the selected Module
  • Evidence of critical thinking


First, choose which two works you’ll be focusing on for this essay.

  • You can choose two short stories, two poems, or one of each
  • It is recommended (though not required) that the two works you choose come from the same Module
  • The two works should have a topic or theme in common
  • The two works must be texts that we have read in this class

Then, re-read the works.

  • What do they have in common? What topics, themes, and literary devices are shared?
  • How do they differ? Are they expressing the same theme in different ways? Discussing the same topic but expressing different themes?
  • What literary elements does each use to illustrate or emphasize its theme?
  • Make note of quotes from the texts that you might want to use in your essay.

Review these resources:

  • The Spiderman Paper.docx  Download The Spiderman Paper.docx: This annotated sample essay points out all the required formatting and organizational components in an essay
  • Video guide to literary analysis (Links to an external site.)
  • Writing Toolkit: Compare / Contrast


For this essay, you’ll be comparing how two different works explore the same or similar themes in their own ways.

You can choose A or B:

  1. Write about two works that share theme – which means they both make the same overall point
  2. Write about two works that share a topic, but have different themes – which means that they each make a different point about the same general topic

For example, if there are two stories about growing up that seem to make the same point, that would be option (a); if there were two stories that each made a different point about growing up, that would be option (b).

Your essay should:

  • Be t least 1,000 words long (3+ pages)
  • Be organized – it should have an introduction (including your essay’s thesis), at least two discussion sections, and a conclusion
  • Focus on supporting its thesis statement
  • Include quotes in each body paragraph
  • Use MLA format, including internal citations

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