The purpose of this assignment is to benefit from the perspective of a leader in education and research in healthcare how they do their research. Most hospitals and other healthcare organizations offer education for patients and employees, and they conduct research (mostly market research). Major academic medical centers participate in major research studies, usually aimed at developing a better treatment, or curing some illness. Through the readings you will learn about various forms of research.
For this assignment, interview someone in a leadership position in a healthcare organization to ask about how that organization handles patient and employee education, and whether that organization participates in any research (if so, find out what types and whether it is mostly qualitative or quantitative research). In your paper, compare what this leader tells you to what you learned through your research for the Clinical Drug Trial.
This can be where you currently work or have access to members of the leadership team. You are asked to use Clinical Drug Trial, as this will allow you to see what you learned from your research in a real-world application.
Prepare and submit a paper responding to the following items:
1. Provide an overview of the area of Clinical Drug Trial.
2. Determine whether or not your research is qualitative or quantitative and why.

Write a 4 page double-spaced paper (this does not include title and reference pages) in Times New Roman and 12 Font. Copy & paste the actual questions or task from the assignment onto your cover page for each paper.. It needs to be well written, based on information from scholarly research, and should demonstrate a thorough analysis of the topic.