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Question 1


Employee Compensation and Management Level Financial Control

Wages and salaries are a major component of an organization’s financial decision-making.

  • How might an organization craft compensation and other rewards if employees meet or exceed performance expectations, but discourage budgetary slack? Why or why not?

Question 2

Comparing Costing Methods and Ethical Decision-making

Read the scenario and respond to the questions below:

Stacy Lynn, Inc. (SLI) is a manufacturer of rice cookers. The rice cookers sell for $45 per unit; the sales were 3,600 units in the current year. SLI has 400 units available for sale at the end of the current year and is projecting sales of 4,400 units next year. SLI is planning the same production level for the current year as last year – 4,000 units. The variable manufacturing costs for SLI are $16 and the variable selling costs are only $.50 per unit. The fixed manufacturing costs are $100,000 per year and the fixed selling costs are only $500 per year. Assume that beginning inventory was zero (0).

Stacy Ann Lynn, the great grand-daughter of the company’s founder is the current CEO/President of the company, which is still a family owned business. The past several years have been especially difficult due to price-pressure from Chinese imports. At the moment, all that Stacy believes she can do is to try to keep the company running until the economy improves. But, the company needs an immediate infusion of cash. So, she has decided to ask her bank for a large line of credit to maintain operating viability for the foreseeable future.

Additional Financial Information for SLI

Based on the information provided in the narrative and the financial statement above, please post a substantive response to the following parts of this Unit 6 Discussion:

A. If Stacy Lynn wants to show the bank the maximum profit over the previous 2-year period, which costing method should she present?

B. The bank requires that all financial statements conform to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Based on that requirement, which costing method should she present?

C. Based on the scenario for Discussion 1 in this unit, what are the legal and ethical issues facing Stacy Lynn?


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