Flower Observation Dissection Lab Report

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Go to http://www.lib.ksu.edu/wildflower/ and view some of the native Kansas wildflowers. Notice the differences in petals, stems, heights, time of flowering etc.

Now find a flowering plant. Any kind of plant will work for instance: a cactus with flower, petunia, day lily, rose, carnation etc. If you cannot find one in your vicinity (yard or neighbor’s yard, just kidding) try asking at a supermarket for just one, or some that have been thrown away because they are outdated. As an absolute last resort use one of the best photographs from the K.S.U. Wildflower gallery. Follow the directions below.

Turn to any page in your textbook or online with flower diagrams. Use these diagrams to identify some:

(8) of the structures of the plant you have chosen. Cut it apart, smell it, rub it between your fingers to check for colors, mash it ……. in other words OBSERVE it.

For the lab conclusion choose four (4) structures and explain the benefit of the design. Why did this flower evolve structures like it has? When finished submit to your assignment box as an attachment.

Complete the lab form chart (attached).

Data and Results Identify and describe any 8 structures found in the textbook diagrams and how your flower compares to the one shown.

Determine the Sex of your flower.

Describe the texture and smells of your plant.

Conclusion Critical Thinking Here! Why did the 4 structures that you choose to scrutinize evolve as they did? (Consider for instance: color, size shape, aroma, texture, point of attachment, slick versus rough, slimy versus dry etc. Be specific about your plant, roots to absorb water is not enough….

NOT my plant has roots to absorb water……….this WILL NOT WORK

YES my plant has branched shallow roots to uptake water; it is in a wet habitat and does not need to develop deep roots for drought …. THIS WILL WORK

Example Blade: The leaf shape is more oblong and thinner. There is a whitish vein running through the middle. The leaf tip is tapered and pointed etc……………………. Stem: The stem is covered with prickly hair like projections that are flexible but sharp I think that the reason this flower has evolved a deep rich red color is to attract birds or insects. The birds or insects could increase the amount of flowers that get pollinated. If there are more of them then they will carry more pollen to other flowers and increase the chance of reproduction. It also has a trumpet sort of shape. I think this evolved because

Flower Observation Dissection Lab

Find any diagram in any edition book or even online if you post the cite and make your comparisons

1 point each (8 total) 8 responses required for full credit on first part including

3 points for one response – male or female/why

2 points each (4 total points) 2 responses required for full credit on second part smell, texture

5 points each (20 total points) 4 responses required for full credit on third part

Explain the evolutionary advantage for your plant

Name of your plant:

First Part

– structures found in diagrams – comparison – structures on your plant

Second Part

– Describe the smells of the structures of your plant. 2 points

– Describe the texture of some of the different structures of your plant. 2 points

Third Part

– critical thinking – structure function


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