Week 3 Thesis and Outline of Final PaperThis assignment is to be a thorough outline, including compo

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Week 3 Thesis and Outline of Final PaperThis assignment is to be a thorough outline, including components as detailed below, of your FinalPaper.Your Final Paper is to be a comprehensive research study on the following public policy topic:Environmental ConcernsYour outline of the topic will include:a. The scope and nature of the public policy problem.b. How the problem came to public and political awareness?c.The evolution of related public policy.d. Level of government and the actors involved.e. The intergovernmental structure and political concerns.f.Conflicting public opinion and impact on policy solutions.g. The approaches to policy formulation, adoption, and evaluation.h. The suggested policy direction (continuation, change or termination) and future impact.This assignment is to include a title page, introductory paragraph with thesis statement, outline of yourmajor points, summarizing or concluding paragraph, and reference page. It must be at least four pages inlength and include a minimum of 6­10 scholarly sources. Your paper must be formatted according to APAstyle. All sources must be properly cited in text, and your paper must include a separate title page andreference page. Your outline should be organized as follows:1. Title page (one page)2. Introduction with thesis statement3. Outline of topic4. Concluding paragraph5. Reference page (one page)Final Paper will be between eight to ten pages (including title and reference pages) in length, with at leastsix to ten scholarly sources. The sources should be from a variety of resources including literaturedatabases, academic journals, books, and other scientific sources.


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