Introduction Elevator Speech Self-Introduction Speech / Elevator Speech Assignment – You must submit

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Introduction Elevator Speech Self-Introduction Speech / Elevator Speech Assignment – You must submit your outline and video speech with a clear audience of at least 5 people- -Your work will not be graded if the instructor cannot see 5 audience members in the video- Assignment: This assignment is to give your audience an understanding of who you are. Please select one to three aspects of your identity and concentrate on relaxation and speech delivery. The speech is to be 1 to 3 minutes in length, exceeding the time limit will result in a reduction of your score by one full grade. You have to develop a brief self-introduction that tells the audience what you want them to know about you. In other words: tell who you are and what you are about. The key question for a successful and effective self-introduction speech is: how much, and what information do you want the audience to know about you? Guidelines: Using the following information, prepare your self-introductory speech. Narrow your main points you want to deliver. Decide what you want the audience to know. Do not read your speech. Be sure to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. YOU MUST SUBMIT A COPY OF YOUR OUTLINE PRIOR TO SPEAKING! Self-Awareness Inventory – Use the following to find material. Was your cultural background important in shaping you? Was your environment a major influence? Did some person have an impact on you? Were you shaped by an unusual experience? Is there an activity that molds you? Has your work had a major impact on who you are? Does some special goal or purpose guide the way you live? Does a value have great meaning for you?

my name is hakop jack arganyan and my middle name is jack ! i go to Los Angeles valley college , my major is Register nurse ! my 3rd semester at valley college . i wanna transfer to ucla by 2020 .

im gay and i love running and hiking, i love making people laugh and surrounding myself with positive vibes .

I’m Armenian , I was born in Hollywood hospital .

I have a big family out here and i have a younger sister

i love reading and watching tv shows and love old movies from the 50s 1 day ago

ohhhh and i work at lucky brand lol

Answer preview…………. Self-realization at an early age is critical in the way to view your achievement and overcome your challenges.  One is able to identify his long term and short term life goals, the balance between social and study life and most importantly, have a positive relationship with your family, close friends, fellow students and colleagues. Notably, I perceive social behaviour as a process one acquires but not as an easily acquired value since as one is in the self-realization process, there are external factors that expect you to behave socially and if not, you are perceived to be an anti-social person……….

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