High Staff Turnover at The Norfolk Hotel Redfern, Sydney research paper

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Length= 7000-7500 words

Students are required to undertake a research project involving industry. After acquiring knowledge regarding how to conduct research, and possible problem spaces to research in, the student will be required to apply these skills in practice. The student should engage with an organisation to undertake this research project in.

Final report – Checklist

Title page

  • Choose an interesting and catchy title for your report.
  • The name of your industry partner should be part of the title or subtitle.
  • If you do not wish to disclose the name of your industry partner, make up a name. Don’t just write ‘company X’.
  • Keep it short and simple (ideally not more than 1 page – well formatted)
  • Summarise the background of the research (1 to 2 sentences)
  • Summarise the research approach (1 to 2 sentences)
  • Summarise the findings (dot points is fine, but write full sentences)
  • Summarise the implications/recommendations (dot points is fine, but write full sentences).
  • Introduction to topic
  • What real problem does your research seek to resolve?
  • Why is this problem such a big issue for your industry partner? Why is it important that you research it? Convince us that your project is important and that it will help your industry partner.
  • State the overall research aim based on this problem
  • What have others found in this research space, or in similar research spaces?
  • Are results from previous studies helpful for your context? Do they adequately inform how the firm, region or sector can move forward? (the general assumption is that they don’t, and hence there is a need for your research)
  • What are the underlying business theories that relate to this research space?
  • Link your literature review back to your problem space and use this as a foundation to formulate your research questions.
  • Do not review all different methods available. Only provide an overview of YOUR research design.
  • Address nature of your research approach (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods).
  • Address methods of data collection / your research tools (e.g. interviews, surveys, etc.).
  • Describe and justify your sample (who are your respondents and how did you find them?).
  • Address methods of data analysis (e.g. themes analysis, multivariate statistics, etc.)
  • Clearly and critically address ethical considerations. Are there any ethical issues you had to be mindful of (e.g. power relationship if you are interviewing your own team)? What impacts could your research have on the stakeholders involved in the process? How did you ensure that there was no risk to your participants/the involved stakeholders?
  • Structure your findings
  • Use figures, graphs, tables to visualise findings. Be creative!
  • Respond to research questions – how do your findings link back to your research questions? How do they help the industry partner resolve the pressing problem you identified in the beginning?
  • The most important question: So what? What implications does your research have? How can your industry partner implement your recommendations? Provide action plans, policy proposals, training documents, workflow models, etc. Be very specific!

Executive summary

Table of contents

Introduction and problem statement (around 20% of your total word count)

Theoretical background – Literature review (around 10% of your total word count)

Methodology (around 10% of your total word count)

Findings (around 40% of your total word count)

Conclusions and recommendations (around 20% of your total word count)

Footnotes (as required – avoid if at all possible)

List of References

Appendix (as required)

Marking criteria

  • Critical Reasoning: (SCU attribute – Intellectual rigour) (40%)
  • Research/information literacy: (SCU attribute – Lifelong learning) (40%)
  • Communication (SCU attribute – Effective communication and social skills) (20%)

NOTE: I have uploaded 1 eample under the name reading 1.4_ hospitality management project2,

1 guideline under the name topic 9 lecture slides

and 1 assessment base under the name irp assessmen 2(you have to do this assessment on the base of this file).


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