HMD 380 UNLV Hospitality Marketing Discussion

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Reply to two of the questions (threads) and comment constructively on a classmate’s posting of your choice in any thread.

Question 1: A meal to die for

Watch the video “A Meal To Die For”, CBS News Video about Heart Attack Grill, at

How would you relate it to segmentation, target marketing, and differentiation (positioning) concepts in the chapter?

Question 2: Hotels targeting Millennials – Differentiation and Positioning

Moxy Hotels is Marriott International’s new millennial-focused boutique hotel concept.

Homepage: (Links to an external site.)

Hilton Worldwide recently announced a new brand targeting those who has a Millennial mindset.

Homepage: (Links to an external site.)

After watching the videos and exploring their sites, discuss how each brand differentiates itself and comment on which one is more appealing to you

3. Comment constructively on a classmate’s posting

Here are two classmate’s posting from question 1 and 2.

Please write comment to each one.

Question 1) The Heart Attack Grill is a very customized eating establishment, catering to a very specific clientele. When it comes to the segmentation of the HAG, they use the characteristics and similar traits to catergorize their “patients” in potential marketing segments. The HAG haves target market that is very unique and greatly caters to what their customers want and are looking for. Their target market is individuals who want to live for today and are looking for an experience in a greasy, unhealthy judgment free zones. When it comes to positioning, HAG markets themselves and use their unique establishment to create an experience. They position themselves in opposition to most food establishments by being very open about the unheallthy products. They don’t sugar coat the fact that their establishments are unhealthy, they use it to brand their grill and celebrate its uniqueness.

Question 2) Moxy by Marriot differentiates itself as a brand by marketing itself as more of a party atmosphere. The video shows guests being themselves, having a good time and being impulsive. The decor and overall property evoke the “club” like experience for guests looking to have a good time with friends. The marketing video didn’t show very much of the room product, which eludes to the fact that Marriot is aiming for gusts to spend most of their time in the common areas with the other guests. This I believe is the most differentiating factor, hotels are all about the rooms and Moxy is all about everything outside the room. Overall, I think the Moxy brand is a great idea, it would be ideal in college towns or near large tourist cities for younger travelers.

Tru by Hilton is vastly opposite of the Moxy brand. They differentiate themselves by offering a cleaner atmosphere than other hotel brands. They offer all the essentials without the clutter. The hotel is very bright and inviting for guests to come in and spend time in the lobby. They put more emphasis on the room as they want to differentiate the rooms because they are much more modern and cleaner than other hotels. Overall, I think Tru Hilton offers a modern hotel product that isn’t just for young people, its for anyone who enjoys a clean, modern hotel. In my opinion, I would stay at the Tru by Hilton. The hotel is more in line with my preferences of a modern hotel and I enjoyed how the rooms were presented and how inviting the property was to guests.

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