How an Analysis of Variance Can Be Used to Analyze a Research Question Responses

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ONE: For the research question: What is the influence of exposure to violent media on the frequency of aggressive behavior in children? The independent variables identified were violent media and children’s age. The dependent variable identified was children’s behavior. A two-way ANOVA would be used for this analysis since there are two factors: one factor is the violent media, and the second factor is the children’s age. If the study only wanted to investigate the violent media exposure influences children, then it would use a one-way ANOVA. When testing the effect of two factors on a given response variable, two-way analysis is recommended (Sawyer, 2009). It allows the research to determine if there is an interaction between the two factors. This research is a qualitative study that investigates a sample of 100 boys and girls in middle school or high school and are given a questionnaire to fill in. In addition, semi structured interview would be implemented to substantiate the data gathered through the questionnaires.    


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TWO: ANOVA is the analysis of variance, which tests for differences in a group of more than two (McClave et al.,2021). ANOVA is used to determine if statistical differences exist between three or more means. Specifically, an ANOVA test is used when there are more than two groups and a quantitative outcome variable. There are three types of ANOVA tests: Single-factor, Repeated measures, and Factorial. (McClave et al.,2021). The single factor decides if two groups have the same mean. Repeated measures are used between groups with similar dependent variables but have different measurements (Creswell,2018). Additionally, repeated measures compare three or more means where the participants are the same (McClave et al.,2021). Furthermore, factorial comparison means there are two or more independent variables.

Research Question

What is the relationship between misconduct and employee turnover in U.S. Banks? 

The independent variable is misconduct.

The dependent variable is employee turnover in U.S Banks.

Single factor is ideal in this situation for the research question because there are two variables being tested. Misconduct and the effect on employee turnover. The research questions have one independent variable which is misconduct. Quantitative research is best to properly compare and evaluate the effects misconduct has on attrition.


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