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1.) Multinational corporations became commonplace in the 1920s.



2.) Your text foresees an end to the labor shortage within the next year or two due to population and technology shifts.



3.) Employee involvement is increased when managers make clear, forceful decisions for   subordinates.



4.) Equal employment’s beginnings in the United States go back to the Civil Rights Act of 1866.



5.) The Family and Medical Leave Act permits employees in organizations of 50 or more workers to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for family or medical reasons.



6.) Human resource planning is one of the most important elements in a successful human resource management program.



7.) Job evaluation is the process whereby an organization systematically establishes its compensation program.



8.) Job analysis involves the identification and analysis of the qualifications of the firm’s new employees.



9.) A decrease in the supply of any unit’s human resources usually comes from new hires.



10.)  The selection process typically begins with the completion of the application form.



11.) The key element in a realistic job preview is providing negative as well as positive information.



12.) Personal factors such as health and background may be considered in international assignments.



13.) Career success can be defined both objectively and subjectively.



14.) The Federal minimum wage is $7.15 per hour.



Multiple Choice: Highlight the Correct Answer Yellow.

1.) Which laws have white males used to support their charges that minority treatment places them at a disadvantage in employment decisions?

a) Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution and Civil Rights Act of 1964.

b) Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution and Civil Rights Act of 1866.

c) Tenth Amendment to the Constitution and Title VII.

d) Tenth Amendment to the Constitution and Civil Rights Act of 1866.

e) Section 1981 of Executive Order 11984.

2.) Which of the following is a landmark Supreme Court decision stating that tests must fairly measure the knowledge or skills required for a job?

a) Civil Rights Act of 1964

b) Washington v. Davis (1967)

c) Griggs v. Duke Power Company (1971)

d) Civil Rights Act of 1991

e) McDonnell-Douglas Corp. v. Green (1973)

3.) Jean, a 35-year-old mother of two, has been with her firm for 15 years.  She wants to transfer out of the computer room of her organization, because the 90-pound boxes are too heavy for her to lift now that she is pregnant again.  Her boss told her to either lift the boxes or quit.  What law protects her from this treatment?

a) Civil Rights Act of 1991.

b) Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978.

c) Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

d) Executive Order 11375.

e) Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967

4.) Top executives at company ABC have agreed on a new mission statement. More specifically, they have agreed on what business the company should be in and who their consumers are. What should the next step be for these top executives?

a) Begin the corporate assessment

b) Set strategic goals

c) Identify the core competency of the company

d) Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the company

e) Conduct a SWOT analysis

5.) Which of the following is


true regarding the SWOT analysis?

a) The SWOT analysis is a process for determining an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

b) The SWOT analysis forces management to recognize that companies, regardless of their size, are constrained to some extent by the resources and skills they have available.

c) The SWOT analysis is the foundation on which every decision in the company should be made.

d) The SWOT analysis should lead to a clear assessment of the firm’s internal resources.

e) The SWOT analysis serves as the link between the firm’s goals and ensuring that the company can achieve its objectives.

6.) Diane is vice-president of human resources for a large manufacturing firm.  What should her involvement be for the strategic planning for her organization?

a) She needs to understand the process to play a vital role in it.

b) She should never be involved in it. That function should be performed in financial management and marketing areas.

c) She should never be involved in it. Globalization and technology have made strategic planning obsolete.

d) She does all of it as a routine part of her job description.

e) Her real contribution comes with offshoring decisions.

7.) Which of these changes in the labor supply is the most difficult to predict?

a) Dismissals.

b) Deaths.

c) Retirements.

d) Voluntary quits.

e) Prolonged illnesses.

8.) Fatima is working on the employment planning of her company. She expects that the demand for human resources will increase in the near future. Which of the following is


an appropriate option for Fatima?

a) Hire more full-time employees

b)  Contract with additional staff

c) Offer early retirements

d) Change the company’s objectives

e) Transfer employees within the company

9.) Which of the following is a legally appropriate question to ask on the application form?

a) What is your name?

b) What is your height?

c) How old are you?

d) Does your faith keep you from working on Saturday?

e) What is your national origin?

10.) Paul has successfully completed the initial screening phase of the selection process. What is his next step?

a) Screening inquiries

b) Screening interviews

c) Background check

d) Complete the application form

e) Screening personality test

11.) Which of the following is


true regarding career development from the organization’s perspective?

a) It is also called organizational career planning.

b) It focuses on assisting individuals to identify their major goals and how to achieve them.

c) It looks at individuals filling the needs of the organization.

d) It involves tracking career paths.

e) It involves developing career ladders

12.) Which of the following is


an intrinsic source of employee motivation?

a) Increased responsibility

b) Pay raise

c) Increased employee autonomy

d) Tasks organized to allow individuals to complete activities

e) Performance feedback

13.) Which of the following is


a performance-based financial reward?

a) Piecework

b) Labor market adjustment

c) Commission

d) Performance bonuses

e) Merit pay plans

14.) Which of the following is an explicit membership-based financial reward?

a) Commission

b) Performance bonuses

c) Incentive plans

d) Pay for time not worked

e) Profit sharing

15.) Forty workers fell from iron smelter staging area when the main supports collapsed.  All of them suffered broken bones, 5 were severely burned, and eleven employees died. This is the twentieth job-related accident reported in the 2000-employee plant during the last 6 months.  What OSHA penalties can the organization expect?

a) Top executives may be criminally charged.

b) The firm will probably pay $70,000 in fines.

c) The firm will probably pay $10,000 in fines.

d) The firm will probably be required to install a workplace safety program and to fund research in that area.

e) OSHA will probably not assess a penalty.

Fill in the Blank:

The fact that organizations are no longer constrained by national borders illustrates that the world has become a _____________________.

Global village

2.) In times of labor                                               , good wages and benefits are not enough to hire and keep skilled workers.


3.) ___________________is a practice in organizations that includes actively seeking, hiring and promoting women and minorities to correct past discriminatory injustices

Affirmative action

4.) In ____________, employees are more likely to be unionized than they are in the United States.


5.) _________________ is defined objectively, in terms of promotion, but also subjectively, in terms of satisfaction.

Carrier success

6.) A ______________ is the sequence of positions that a person has held over his or her life.


7.) Under the ____________________ government agencies, federal contractors, and those receiving federal funds ($25,000 or more) are required to actively pursue a drug-free environment.

Free Workplace Act of 1988

8.)  ____________________ is a situation in which an employee notifies authorities of wrongdoing in an organization.


9.) Maintenance and human errors can be reduced by ____________________, an intentional learning experience.


10.)  ______________ is a type of training that typically involves some major emotional and physical challenge.


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