interim financial information

Gates Inc. has its reviewed interim financial information included with the audited financial statement. However, after the review the auditor believes that the interim financial information is not prepared in accordance with an applicable financial reporting framework. The review report which references the departure is not presented with the interim financial information that accompanies the audited financial statements. The engagement partner requests your assistance to research as to the impact on the report of the audited financial statements.
2. Case:
Alex Curtis, during the audit of Landon Company, has determined that the company will be preparing its financial statements on a liquidation basis of accounting due to the fact that management has decided to liquidate Landon Company at the end of the first quarter of next year. You have determined that this basis of accounting is not GAAP. As a result, Alex seeks your assistance to determine if Alex can issue an unmodified/unqualified audit report.


Case Study Instruction

Read the case linked in the assignments below carefully and identify the problem. Using FASB codification answer the problem correctly. See the following example to get an idea how to analyze the case study.


Case: Mead Motors purchases an automobile for its new car inventory from Generous Motors, which finances this transaction through its financial subsidiary, Generous Motors Credit Company (GMCC). Mead pays no funds to Generous Motors or GMCC until it sells the automobile. Mead must then repay the balance of the loan plus interest to GMCC. How should Mead report the acquisition and repayment transactions in its Statement of Cash Flows?


Problem Identification: How should a company report, if at all, cash and non-cash transactions owed to an entity’s financial subsidiary?

Keywords: Cash flows; financ* subsidiaries; operating income.

Conclusion: Per ASC 230-10-50-5), Mead should exclude transactions that involve no cash payments or receipts. However, per 230-10-45-17, it should record cash payments to GMCC for repayments of principle (and interest thereon) due to suppliers or their subsidiaries as operating cash (out) flows.

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