Writer is able to convey the importance of the information as a Registered Nurse entering the healthcare environment. Resources that I have used for a powerpoint -Advance Directive: Protecting Yourself and Your Family (Part 2). (n.d.). Retrieved February 05, 2016, from -Assault and Battery – Nursing Home Abuse Guide. (n.d.). Retrieved February 04, 2016, fü Writer is able to comprehend, apply, analyze, and/or synthesis the information to the paper to a clinical event 2 Roles and Responsibilities of the Registered Nurseü Writer compares, contrasts, integrates and/or applies theory with clinical experience, work experience and/or other sourcesü Writer has gone beyond a textbook for resources 2 Higher Level of Thinkingü Research on topic is adequate ü Major points are supported by specific details and/or examplesü Displays an understanding of the topicü Content is comprehensive and accurateü Key elements of the assignment is coveredü Conclusion follows logically from the body of the paper 3 Subject Matter Coveredü Paper begins with an introduction ü Subsequent sections develop/support the central focus area ü Structure is clear, logical and easy to followü Introduction provides a sufficient background on topic and may previews major pointsü Paper is neat and shows attention to detailü Paper is double spacedü Uses heading and other reader friendly toolsü Paper is laid out effectivelyüTopic – legal issues Focus of the Paper: Professional Identity of the Registered Nurse (Being, Knowing and Doing) Comments and Points Awarded Maximum Points Organization of Pre-determined Topic