Manley’s is a family-owned home improvement specialist similar to Homebase






Manley’s is a family-owned home improvement specialist similar to Homebase. It has 4 stores around London and is planning an expansion. Like its competitors, it offered DIY solutions as well as a range of furniture, and kitchen and bathroom design. Its unique selling point is the fact it employs designers and, through subcontractors, offers guaranteed installation and workmanship such as plumbing, electrical, etc.


Due to these unique services which helps the customers to achieve designer houses at an affordable price, Manley’s enjoyed a financial success and a rapid growth. The first store opened 7 years ago, the 2nd store 3 years ago, the 3rd store 1 years ago and the 4th store opened last week. Several other stores are in the plans.However, Manley’s only online presence is a static web page showing the location of its 3 store (the page has not been updated for the 4th store yet), there is no possibility to either order online or book appointment with designers. Also now that there are 4 stores and several more in the pipelines, the owner’s son feel that it is time to have a Management Information System to improve customer service and operations through help managing stocks, personnel, subcontractors, marketing, customers data, etc. Finally the owner is planning on either creating a loyalty programmes or joining one such as Nectar card to give encourage repeat customers through benefits and promotions.


During the last board meeting, an experience manager saw the necessity to handle these tasks as projects and recommended to get a project consultant to help out. The board decided to hire you as the project consultant, as they want everything to be done within 3 months.


Task 1 of 2 – Project selection (AC1.1, 1.2, 1.3 & 1.4)



Your first task is to

  1. Develop an overall Gantt chart of the various projects, including subdivision and a time-scale
  2. Write a short report, recommending a project management methodology for each project (and your reasons for your recommendation)
  3. In the same report, assess the feasibility of all the projects and decide on one to carry out first.


Delivery & Submission

  • 1x Gannt’s Chart
  • 1x Short Report (500 – 700 words)


Please note, it’s recommended that you use Ms Project but you’re free to use any other tool like