MTH101 Week 9 Assignment: Developing Your Financial Blog

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Week 9 Assignment: Developing Your Financial Blog

As we approach the end of this course, we’re now going to look back at what we’ve learned so far and think about how to apply these concepts in our real lives.

These days we learn everything from Google. A quick search often finds the answers to our questions. One of the most prevalent places we look for answers are blogs. Blogs are a quick and fun way to get information.

For this final project, you will create a financial blog post that directly relates to one of the main concepts we learned this term in our Milestones: mortgages, credit cards, and insurance.

Part 1: Looking for inspiration.

Let’s first start by looking at three popular blogs, such as: The Financial Samurai, The Mortgage Professor, or The Points Guy.

As you can see, these websites host a variety of resources, podcasts, and videos that engage their readers.

Pick one of these websites. Describe the audience of this post and how the website tailors its writing to engage their readers.






Next, what will be the name for your blog? _______________

Who will be your intended audience? For example, newlyweds wanting to buy a house.

Your intended audience: _____________

How will you tailor your writing to engage your audience? What kinds of themes will you use in your writing? What subjects might your readers be interested in?




Part 2: Developing Your Blog Post

First, let’s find a name for your blog post. Create a catchy-title like “Financial Samurai” that appeals to your audience.

Your Blog Title: ___________

Next, we’re going to plan a post for your blog. You must choose a topic that relates to one of the concepts we’ve covered in this course (mortgages, credit cards, insurance). You must also use at least two formulas/concepts you’ve learned in this course. Please identify these below:

Your Post Title: ___________

Formulas/Concepts Used in Post: _____________

Now that you have developed the title of your post, spend some time planning on what you are going to write about. Your post should have at least 5 paragraphs, though most likely you will need to plan more. Each paragraph should contain only one main idea. You should also have an introduction (including your hook), your body paragraphs, and conclusion. Fill out the form below to plan your post. Some examples are below to help you get started.




Part 3: References

Finally, a good post normally is connected to some external resources to provide support. It is hard to believe someone who doesn’t quote well-regarded facts, except in the case where that person is an expert in their field.

Your paper is required to have at least two different references that you cite in your paper. Ideally these references come from authoritative sources, such as: educational institutions, organizations, editorials, or research articles.

The NLU Library is able to assist with identifying articles to research. They can show you how to access and effectively use Academic Search Complete to look for articles from journals and other reputable sources. You can request an appointment with them on their website.

Please identify at least two reputable sources to reference in your blog post. Include the link/permalink to this article, so that you can access it when you write your paper.

Source 1: Title of work



Source 2: Title of work



Finally, please write your references in APA format below, so that you are prepared to create a reference page for your work. If you are unsure on how to create a reference page, please refer to our APA Guide for further assistance or request an appointment with a writing specialist.

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