Network Challenges

IT 3355 Network Architecture

Unit 2 Discussion

Network Challenges

Discussion Resources

The following resources may be useful in completing this discussion and the course assignments.

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Chapter 2, “Cabling and Topologies,” pages 45–?50.

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Chapter 7, “Routing,” pages 217–?219.

Chapter 8, “TCP/IP Applications,” pages 263–?278.

Chapter 9, “Network Naming,” pages 308–?343.

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Discussion Instructions

For this discussion, consider the following scenario:

Ken has been hired as the project manager at a local hospital and is in charge of implementing a new electronic health record system, which was designed in India. He discovers that the network staff woefully underestimated the impact of the application on the available bandwidth of the network. The poor response time of the application now threatens the user acceptance of the software. Ken must present a change request to senior management for a network upgrade that will put the project over budget and behind schedule by thousands of dollars and several weeks.

To further complicate the matter, the network manager is a member of senior management and is expected to argue vociferously that his staff was not properly informed, thus not in a position to provide accurate information to the project team.

Use the resources provided as well as your own research to support your discussion of the following:

Describe some techniques and strategies that can be used to maintain high availability on a network.

Offer some suggestions on how Ken can help senior management accept the need for additional funding without fracturing his relationship with the network manager.

Explain how you would handle cultural issues with the overseas developers of the application.

Be sure you correctly cite any references you use according to APA guidelines.