NUR3119 Discussion 1 (October 2019)

NUR 3119 Professional Nursing: Concepts and Issues

Discussion 1

This discussion forum’s INITIAL POST has 2 parts and each part has 2 questions that you will need to reply to when you enter your initial post. A SECOND post is required from you and that is a reply to a colleague’s initial post. Initial posts need to be entered 72 hours prior to the forum’s closure (this is following best practice for on-line to encourage collaboration in discussion forum groups).

1. Reflect on your philosophy of nursing and nursing history.

a. What were the reasons that you chose or are chosing nursing as a career and “what is nursing” to you ( write at least a paragraph related to your own philosophy of what is nursing to you)?

b. How has the history of nursing affected nursing practice (reflect and write at least a paragraph on nursing history and reference historical events i.e “Goldmark Report” when you answer this question)?

2. Reflect on the changes in the nurse-client relationship that has been associated with new nursing roles and the use of new technological advances.

a. How do you think a nurse can maintain a therapeutic caring relationship with the client as machines (computer technology) take over some of nursing functions? (write at least a paragraph )

b. Based on the projected visions of tomorrow’s healthcare and nursing, what skills will be MOST important in the future of nursing education (which skills need to be a priority in nursing schools of the future)? What are they and how should they be taught? (write at least a paragraph )

This week discussion #1 assignment opens, this forum opens on 9/18 ; this discussion is open for 2 weeks!

Please be mindful that your initial post is due 72 hours prior to the closing of the forum, the forum will close on 10/1 @ 11:59pm. Subsequent post to a colleague ( second post) as specified in your syllabus is due by 10/1 @ 11:59pm.