Nursing m3.l9-10: population & quality assignment him1300

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  1. Review Study Guide c11-12.pdfActions.
  2. Complete and submit answers for questions 1 – 5.
    • A deduction will be given if all questions are not answered.
    • Typed questions/answers into a Microsoft Word document and save your file.
  3. Click Start Assignment. Browse your computer and Upload your file. Click Submit Assignment.

HIM 1300 – Health Care Facilities/Delivery

Assignments Complete
Read chapters 11 & 12 of textbook
Read and complete the following in order:
Read all materials within the module of Health Care: Access, Quality, & Future
Complete Study:

• Read all materials within the module of Health Care:
o Population with Special Needs & Cost, Access, and Quality

Complete Study:
1. Research “disparities” in United States healthcare system.

1a. Discuss the issue.
1b. Offer three methods to help diminish disparities and improve care.

2. Research website Healthy People 2030. There are 358 measurable public
health objectives to be meet by year 2030.
2a. As a student and community leader, review, select, and document one (1)
objective that you can assist in meeting. Determine a timeline for completion.
2b. Critically think of the process and steps you will take to meet the objective.
Gain comments from family and friends to help with your thoughts and findings.
2c. Create a flowchart and a timeline chart to present your steps of the Healthy
People 2030 objective to the community.

3. What is the importance of Value Based Purchasing? How do patients affect the
reimbursement incentive?

4. In chapter 12, the author discusses “Cost Containment Measures”. Below are
four cost containment measures that continue to reduce or control health care
cost in the United States.

Four Cost Containment Measures
1. Health planning
2. Peer Review
3. Chronic Diseases Prevention and Management
4. Value-Based Payment

3a. From the above measures, choose two (2).
3b. Define and discuss how these two (2) measures have made a strong
impact on reducing or controlling health care cost.
3c. Explain how the two (2) measures are improving health care in the United

5. “Health Information Management Department (HIM) Interact with Hospital

This assignment will require research and possible interviewing experienced
managerial healthcare professional working within the HIM department.
3a. Research the Internet or College Library Databases for information on HIM
department interact or collaborate with committees in a hospital or clinic
3b. List three committees the HIM professional is involved.
3c. Select one (1) committee from question #2b to discuss in detail. Discuss the
purpose, goal, content of meetings, frequency of meetings, and how quality is

achieved through committee work.
3d. Use APA citations.

6. Access NAVIGATE 2 Scenario: Health Care Delivery. Complete EPISODE 2:
Financial Issues

7. Access to Healthcare folder – Post to the discussion area entitled “State

Discuss state and payment reform. This is a three-part discussion required students
to select a state (no duplication), post findings, and respond to student. A total of
three separate postings is mandated. Offer meaningful feedback to a student.

8. Quality Care folder – Post to the discussion area entitled “Promoting Safety in
the Healthcare Environment” (write a paragraph).

Respond to at least two of your classmates.

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