Possible you could do this by the 27th? Your essay should focus on how the negative impact of GENDER SOCIALIZATION in our society for females. In your introductory paragraph, you will need to defin

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Possible you could do this by the 27th? Also about B+ quality maybe A- , 4 pages

  • Your essay should focus on how the negative impact of GENDER SOCIALIZATION in our society for females.
  • In your introductory paragraph, you will need to define Gender Socialization, using the academic articles assigned in class.

·       Keep your focus narrow. This is only a 3-to-4-page essay. The broader the topic, the more difficult to keep your essay focused. You do not have to cover everything on your topic!


·       This essay will function as a literature review. Literature reviews use secondary sources (the assigned articles), and do not report new or original experimental work. Meaning you are to use the research to make an argument, rather than stating your own opinion.

·       Refer to at least four course readings from the EDUC 165 Reader. A total of 5 scholarly sources are required which means you can use one outside academic source (no blogs, websites, etc.) You are welcome to use as many articles as you want from the EDUC 165 Reader.

·       All information you take from the articles must have a cited reference; in-text citations include direct quotes as well as paraphrased (putting the information in your own words)

·       The reference page should adhere to APA format.

  • Essays should be approximately 1,000 words (not including your reference page) and should not be substantially under or over the 1000-word requirement.
  • Essays should be double-spaced, times new roman font or arial.

·       You do not need an abstract, a title page or running headers.

·       Please upload in a Microsoft Word Doc


Parents, school, and media are major ways our culture reinforces gender stereotypes; unfortunately, gender socialization can be far more harmful to females then males.

You are welcome to use parts or all of this simple thesis statement.  The bulk of what we have been talking about in class so far is how gender socialization impacts females.  Some of the prime ways to socialize females is through Parents, School (teachers, peers, hidden curriculum, curriculum), and Media.  The articles below will have help (remember, you must use at least four of them and can only use ONE outside source).  I would suggest you start with article #6 & #12 for a good overview.  Scan the others for more ideas about how parents, school, et al. and media socialize females.  I am here to help you with any part of your essay!

#6 Gender Socialization Theory: Sex, Gender & Sexuality

#7 Theoretical Approaches to Gender Development

#8 Considering Transgender in Education

#11 Parental Communication About Gender

#12 Why Does Gender Matter: Counteracting Stereotypes with Young Children

#26 The Media as an Agent of Gender

The following articles will have ‘bits and pieces’ regarding race and gender that could be folded into your essay:

#1 Capitalist Industrial

#3 Work, Family and Black Women’s Oppression

#19 Rendering Latinas Invisible: The Underrepresentation of Latina Role Models in -12 History Textbooks


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