Psy homework please

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 option below to complete (either Multiple intelligences or creativity).  Make sure to answer each question adequately, and clearly identify each part and question with its corresponding heading or number. 


Review Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences in your text (Chapter 7, page 278) and at the following link:

1. Which type(s) of intelligence do you possess?  Provide detailed support for your answer with examples.

2. Overall, what do you think of his theory of intelligence- is it credible?  What have others identified as possible issues/criticisms? Do you see any problems with it?  Explain.


1. Go to the following website (for a psychology course on creativity at California State University):
.  Click on “Views of various authors” located in the center of the page.  What do YOU think is a good definition of creativity?  Based on your definition, do you consider yourself to be creative?  Explain/provide support for your response. 

2. Go to the following website (for a brief podcast regarding the neuroscience of creativity):
. From listening to the podcast or reading the transcript, answer the following two questions- 1) Do you have to be intelligent to be creative? 2) What does the neuropsychologist identify as differences between intelligence and creativity?

OTHER RESOURCES (not part of your HW assignment, just for fun)

Information/articles on intelligence from the APA:

TED talks about creativity:

Problem solving strategies:

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