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Role Play a Possible Crisis in Life Events

    For this discussion, you will take on the role of a bereaved
    client and counselor and create a script of a hypothetical
    counseling session. The script will be at least 20 responses,
    including 10 from the client and 10 from the counselor. Your
    responses as the counselor will include crisis intervention
    techniques. Then, summarize the characteristics of the client’s
    crisis to state whether the client’s reactions are developmentally
    appropriate reactions to the situation’s life obstacle. Consider
    playing up the potential risks and respond to those risks. See the
    cases provided below.

    You will present the following:

    • A brief introduction to the client scenario. Ensure you do
      not use up your counseling script getting to know each other!

    • The counseling session script.

    • A discussion of the crisis interventions you applied in the

    • A discussion of how your client’s developmental life stage
      affected your application of your chosen approach.

    • A reflection of how you might respond to your selected

    This discussion response should be a minimum of 500 words and
    maximum of 700 words.


    • The Cortez Family: The husband dies while in his early 50s.
      The wife has two children at home and one in college. She seems to
      be functioning normally from outward appearances. The day after the
      funeral, she goes to her bridge club without noticeable grief.

    • The Xiang Family: This case involves the bereavement of a
      family following the suicide of a teenage son. No apparent
      indicators were previously noted by parents, though the sister knew
      of the boy’s depression. The mother is unable to return to work,
      stays in bed, and will not eat or talk on phone. Five weeks have

    • Hattie: Hattie is in her late 40s, is legally blind, and has
      been through a separation and divorce. She has no children, lives
      away from a family support system, and cries frequently, even at

    • Pat: Pat is experiencing bereavement following a recent
      diagnosis of being HIV-positive at age 25. He invites a large
      number of social contacts to a “Bare It All” party,
      some of whom are close friends, while others are mere
      acquaintances. His invitation states that “anything goes.”

      Assignment 2

      Elder Abuse

      The following is a case of an abused senior. Joyce is an
      84-year-old woman who was married for 52 years. She has three
      children and lives with her son. Her husband is deceased but was a
      prominent attorney. The family presents an ideal picture of an
      upper-middle-class family. They live in a fashionable suburb.

    The son has been successful to the extent that he has been made a
    full partner in his late father’s large law firm. The family is very
    active in church, the country club, and various other social
    organizations. Joyce was an active member of several charitable,
    civic, and social groups, but has not been seen in public for the
    past several months.

    Joyce’s initial call to the crisis center was vague and guarded.
    She expressed an interest in inquiring for “another woman”
    in regard to the purpose of the center. After she had received
    information and an invitation to call back, a number of weeks
    elapsed. Joyce’s second call occurred after receiving a warning to
    be hospitalized from her son. This is a segment of that

    Crisis Worker (CW): (Answering phone.) Crisis center. May I help

    Joyce: I feel terrible calling you so many times, but I need help
    right away. (Sobbing.)

    Crisis Worker: OK! Tell me what happened.

    Joyce: Well, last night he told me he is going to put me in the
    hospital. I thought he was really going to take me over there right
    then. He seemed so frustrated, but it has been building up for the
    past few weeks. I guess it was my fault . . . I complained about
    being alone at night. He started raising his voice at me. He said I
    have to get on with my life. I got up and went into the bathroom.
    (Wracked with sobs for more than a minute. CW waits.) I’m sorry, I
    just can’t seem to keep control. Lewis has been dead for seven
    months, but I can’t stop crying.

    If you were the crisis counselor on the phone with Joyce, what
    would you do? What factors would you attend to when assessing this
    situation and the client’s mental and emotional state? How would her
    age be relevant in your assessment and intervention process? What
    are three interventions you would use on the phone and what
    recommendations would you make for follow-up? Who might you consult
    with regarding this situation? What might you do differently if the
    client was Chinese or from Puerto Rico?

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