SNHU Marketing Social Media Roi for Business Facebook vs Linkedin Paper

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Read Social Media ROI for Business: Facebook Versus LinkedIn and answer the following question:

Based on the article, which of the two social media sites, Facebook or LinkedIn, do you feel has the best ROI for a business? Defend your stance by providing examples and information to support your position.

Reply 1: Bailey Clark

In short, the article Social Media ROI for Business: Facebook versus LinkedIn labeled the two social media outlets as personal versus professional. Facebook is labeled to be more of a personal outlet to connect with people, post pictures and even update life events. LinkedIn is labeled as a professional outlet that focuses on business relationships, brand updates, and economic news. Both are considered to be networking sites but in different ways.

With all of this said, I actually see Facebook as the leading social media site for the best ROI for business between the two. The reason being, Facebook is a much more popular social media site for mass media consumption which in return could give a business a greater ROI. With LinkedIn, if you arent a business professional, odds are, you won’t use LinkedIn on a general basis which narrows the traffic of potential ROI. Overall, I put myself in the shoes of someone relying on one of the two for a positive return on investment and if it were up to me, I would use Facebook because of large number of users on Facebook and the easy networking abilities. Facebook overall seems more appealing for users and consumers.

Reply 2: Jenny Melville

While both Facebook and LinkedIn provide different areas for a business to market products and services, when thinking which would be better for a business and providing the best ROI I would lean towards Facebook for most companies. People use personal social platforms to explore and can find themselves spending quite a bit of time scrolling through the feed. This would be my first point as to why Facebook would provide a better ROI – more users spending more time give businesses a better scope of visibility to consumers. On LinkedIn, consumers are typically scrolling to read articles and find information from their network of people. While this platform does have advantages for companies that are B2B, a typical business that is reaching consumers would not be as successful. Facebook is also a great place for a business to interact and engage with consumers, where LinkedIn is typically a space for users to share information with other users. Overall, Facebook would provide a better ROI for businesses outside of the B2B scope.

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