Speech 250: Speech Fundamentals Eric

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Speech 250: Speech Fundamentals

Assignment 2: How The Other Guy Lives!

DUE: Posted in assignments

Objective: To increase your awareness of another culture and its potential impact on intercultural communication.

1. Select one of the following cultures and do one of the activities associated with that culture (Be

prepared to explain:
a. Why you chose the activity and descriptive details of the experience
b. How your participation changed your perspective regarding the culture
c. The potential impact of cultural variables (specific to your experience) on communication


Culture Activity


1. Take public transportation for 24 hours.

2. Wear the same clothes for 48 hours.

3. Live on $3.75 for 24 hours.

4. No use of communication technology or media for 24 hours; no cell
phones, no computers, no TV, no radios, etc.

Attend a worship service of a religion that differs from the religion you
practice. Talk with the congregational leader about his/her religious
practices. How do they differ from yours and why?

English as a
Second/Additional Language
Speakers (ESL)

Volunteer to help or participate within an ESL class/outing/environment.
Talk to a participant to discuss victories and frustrations in the
management of communication breakdowns.

Do not speak (use verbal communication) for 24 hours. You can use notes,
texting, sign language, etc., but NO SPEAKING!

Wear earplugs in both ears for 8 hours during the day. Describe what it
feels like to be hearing impaired. Discuss your frustrations and

Sexual Orientation Participate in an event or interview a person who is a part of the LGBTQ
community. Discuss communication behaviors and avoidances.

2. Be sure to submit your typed, 1 page analysis using a 10-12 point font, in class by check your

tentative readings and assignments at 11:59 p.m. Be sure to compose your paper in the standard
format by including an introduction, body, and conclusion.

3. IN CLASS…So, you will read and discuss your peers’ analysis in class. In your discussion,

comment on topics including…Do you agree or disagree with your peers’ observations? Why or why
not? Do you have other evidence to support your claims? Can you offer alternative interpretations to
the cultural, linguistic, or physical observations shared by the author?

Grading Details: This assignment will be scored according to the following descriptors:

✔ Attempted (50 points) – an honest attempt at doing the paper regardless of grammar,
spelling and content, no discussions; LATE submissions (after deadline)

✔ Acceptable (70-90 points)– writing style, content, spelling and grammar are acceptable to
convey student learning objective met

✔ Excellent (100 points) – enjoyable to read, collegiate writing style, spelling and grammar are
above average.

You may choose
one from this list!


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