Topic Selection

PSY 1012 General Psychology

Module 2 Course Project

Topic Selection

As a first step in your Psychology Research Report, choose a topic that you find interesting. In a field this broad, it leaves many options. You might find it helpful to review the topics covered in your text (even the modules not yet covered).

Here are a few ideas that you might consider:

Therapy for Depression

Mid-life Crisis

Effects of violent TV on Children



Suicidal Behaviors

Death and Dying

Child Abuse

Effects of Noise on Hearing

Attachment in Infants

Drug Use Motivation

Test Anxiety

Development of Self-esteem

Acquisition of Morality

Music Therapy

Psychological Aspects of Pain

Violence and Aggression

Sex-role typing

Stages of Sleep

Behavior Problems of Children

Bipolar Disorder

Stress Management


Dance or Music Therapy

Once you have selected a topic, write 1 paragraph using proper spelling/grammar that states what your topic is and why you selected it.