writing a paper on how the company that introduced is engaging in activities and principles 2

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Paper needs to lay out the full understanding of ideas, implementation strategy, and execution of how you will move forward with the concepts. Your submission needs to be substantive in nature and a thorough analysis. As always, please ensure spelling, grammar, and sentence structure is reviewed and addressed.

Step 4: Engage Communities in Conversation : Now that you have observed, created a customer map, recruited community members, and evaluated online conduit strategies, you are now ready to engage your community in conversation. You would approach this like you are writing a Marketing Plan with the target audience of customers and potential customers in mind. You want to use strategies that capture attention, engage customers, and meet needs. It is all about starting a dialogue…not just sales and promotion. This is where you can introduce your brand. Branding on the Social Web is the dialogue you have with your customers and potential customers. A strong dialogue translates into a strong brand. Conversely, a weak dialogue translates to a weak brand. The beauty of the Social Web is that the dialogue is active 24hrs/day and 365 days/year. You want to ensure that you don’t just talk about what you stand for, but you need to show your community what you stand for…then, get a dialogue going. Although traditional media still has its place, branding is going to be significantly impacted on experience and discussion about the experience in various online communities.

Step 5: Measure Involvement With New Tools, Techniques : Before you do start to measure, you will want to ensure you clarify all of your objectives. In fact, before engaging on the social web be very clear about what you want to accomplish and what measures you will use to determine progress. Four critical steps are discussed: Involvement (presence of a person at the various touchpoints), Interaction (actions people take while on those touch points), Intimacy (the affinity or aversion a person holds for a brand), and Influence (likelihood a person will be a raving fan, or advocate, of the brand).

Step 6: Promote Your Community to the World : You have to promote your community for people to visit. Not just compelling content, but try to get people talking about your community. There is a great example on page 129 regarding being transparent and how the social web is like a party. You would promote your community on all tangible and intangible marketing communication pieces.


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