project management course project task 2

1. Start by converting the WIDGET PRO WBS into an Indented WBS format.

2. Review the WIDGET PRO Activity List. Enter the tasks in the Microsoft Project software tool.

3. Use the WIDGET PRO Activity Duration Estimates below and enter the work activity durations into the Microsoft Project. Use “Weeks” as the time period.

4. You will have to create a Schedule Network Diagram so you know the dependencies to enter into the Microsoft Project. Use the WIDGET PRO Activity Sequence to create the Schedule Network
Diagram. Enter the dependencies (finish-to-start, start-to-start, finish-to-finish, etc.) into the Microsoft Project schedule as instructed. The output of Microsoft Project at this stage is the Project Schedule to be submitted at end of Week 3. Contact your instructor, if you unsure whether your diagram is correct or you need help.
Use the PowerPoint presentation to help you create the Schedule Network Diagram