topic 4 dq 1 1 4

Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references:

I do not actually engage with or witness death in my work. I work with young people who have disabilities. For example, more than half of my patients cannot talk, some of them cannot walk, or consume food without help. The health problems they experiences are painful and tiring but not deadly. I never actually connected death with any of young patients. All of my patients are younger than me so I guess I thought or I hoped I will die before they do. I treat my patients like they are my own kids. It hurts me to see my patients suffering because they are so fragile and innocent. I consider my patients as little angels. They do not do anything wrong. They helped me become a better person. I think the lack of experience with death made it hard for me accept death. I know people can die anytime but seeing how young my patients are I think it would be unfair for them to die. I think it is unfair because they do not get to experience life. There are so many wonderful things out there and many of them never had the opportunity to experience them. It would honestly break my heart if any of my patients die. At the same time I know this is also a cruel world. People suffer and after life with God is better. According to Lecture 4, “everything is ultimately seen in the light of God’s loving control and the ultimate hope of resurrection” (GCU, 2015). Everything is part of God’s plan even death. Even though I know this I still have a hard time accepting death. Maybe it is because of the lack of experience I have with death in the field.


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