hard data and hardware destruction 2

Balancing environmental, safety, efficiency, and data security considerations can be difficult.

Review the following examples:

  • Allowing employees to take printer cover pages for their children’s art projects may seem benign. Consider, however, what if that printer header contained information that could be used to access the company’s network?
  • Donating outdated computers to community organizations is a common practice. However, what if data on hard drives is still present?
  • Having a central bin for materials to be shredded may be less expensive than having several smaller bins located around the office. However, what if employees are unable or unwilling to take the extra trip, where will hard copies end up?

Identify five methods in which an organization’s data could be accessed via hard copy or hardware. Include at least one of each type. For each method, describe the following:

  • Policies and best work practices to ensure inadvertent and malicious access does not occur
  • How this method addresses employee and environmental safety concerns

Present your findings and recommendations in one of the following ways:

  • A 2-page paper using Microsoft® Word
  • A 14- to 16-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes and appropriate animations
  • A Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet