discussion on comic v for vendetta

1. Read the book:

Title: V for Vendetta

Author: Alan Moore

Publisher: DC

ISBN 10: 140120841X / 1-4012-0841-X ISBN 13: 9781401208417

(I also have some documents post by the professor are helpful! Attached below)

2. Answer the following two discussion question:

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(the assignment is not based on the film and it is based on the book!!)

Discussion#7a: Thematic Analysis-Anarchy

(100 words – 250 words)

Directions: please review the Power Point Lesson titled “Thematic Analysis: Anarchy.” Respond to the questions contained therein and post your responses here.

Remember: Please provide a rationale for why you feel the way you do.

Please refer to direct instances in the text when the question pertains to particular characters/incidents in the story.

Quotes are recommended.

Discussion #7b: Thematic Analysis-The Mask

(100 words – 250 words)

Please Review Lesson V Pt II – The Mask. The final slide features several questions you must answer for this discussion board. The lesson itself guides you through these questions, providing resources to help you navigate and reflect upon them.

Discussion #8: Psychological Approach

(100 words – 250 words)

Directions: Answer the following questions (you may review the Culminating Lesson in the Week I folder to refresh your memory about the Psychological Approach)

1. If we view the entire cast of characters in V for Vendetta as entities within a single human mind, which character would most likely be

a. id

b. ego

c. superego

Please provide a rationale for your position (just explain why you feel the characters you choose would represent these parts of the mind).

Discussion #9a: Feminism and Comics

I’d like you folks to take a look at a few articles relating to feminism and comic books, then weigh in on this business. What do you think? Are these folks justifiably concerned or do they need to get a grip? Why or why not? Where do we draw the line on censorship and PC?

200 words minimum.





Discussion #9b: Feminist Analysis

(100 words – 250 words)

Directions: Review V for Vendetta. Pay close attention to how Evey is portrayed in the text. Do you believe Evey is a strong character, or a weak character? Give us several examples to support your assertion. If you think she is a strong character, provide us with page #’s, panels, circumstances in which she exhibits that strength.