essay on future of freedom foundation

Below are the instruction of the assignment


  • Select your essay topic (one) by visiting the websites listed under each chapter below
  • explain why you decided to research that topic
  • how does it relate to the chapter(s) covered in this module
  • discuss whether you consider this site a good tool for learning about American politics.

Chapter Topic Options:

Chapter 1: Introduction: The Citizen and Government

  • Future of Freedom Foundation provides information on efforts to protect freedom in the United States.

Instructions on Writing Your Essay:

All essays must be written using proper English grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Four (4) points will be deducted for each spelling, grammatical, and/or punctuation error. Work that contains more than five (5) spelling, grammatical, and/or punctuation errors; or work that does not meet the minimum number of sentences required will receive a grade of F (No points).

Essays are automatically submitted to SafeAssign. Work that SafeAssign identifies as having more than a 10% rate of similarity (plariarism) after quoted material and small matches (10 words or less) are excluded will not be read and will received a grade of F (No points).