consistency in ethical reasoning 1


Read each of the following with an eye toward consistency. If you think the position is consistent, state that and provide a brief explanation for your answer. If you think the position is inconsistent, identify and explain its inconsistencies.

  1. We must tolerate views different from our own, even in cases in which we strongly disagree with the view. By tolerate here I mean not interfering with an attempt by an individual or group to express their views publicly. However, I will not passively sit here while Mr. Fetters exclaims his hate speech, as his views promote intolerance.
  2. I always give money to homeless persons when I come across them. It’s a central part of my value system that one should help anyone in dire need if possible without significant personal sacrifice. Everyone in need deserves help, and no one is more important than any other, so we should concentrate on helping the worst off. Those suffering the most are the most deserving. And we must help people in our own cities and states first.
  3. I am fairly well-off financially, so I try to make sure that I aid those who are less fortunate. One should do whatever one can to help those in dire need if possible to do so without causing suffering for oneself of equal or greater intensity than the needy person. That is why I always donate 7 or 8 percent of my yearly income to various charitable causes, most of which help impoverished children here and abroad.
  4. The city council’s new policy is unfair. It says that all nonhomeowners within District 4 are exempt from the tax initiative to help fund the new recycling center. But even renters will use the new center, so they should be taxed as well.
  5. Social cohesion is the foundation of all morality, since social cohesion is the primary good, so any act that undermines social cohesion is wrong. Lying is morally wrong. There are rare exceptions to this, but in the vast majority of cases it is morally wrong because even when lying promotes some good or makes interpersonal relationships go more smoothly, telling a lie shakes one’s personal integrity.

Additional Instructions:

Answer the questions using an APA format. Use 2 scholarly sources in which 1 will be provided for you. Be sure to use in-text citations.

Source given to use: Moore, B. N., Parker, R. (2017). Critical Thinking, 12th Edition.