information systems 26

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Outsourcing” Please respond to the following:

  • 1.  Evaluate the reasons to outsource goods, services, or production. Considering today’s business climate, give your opinion on the most logical reason to outsource.
  • 2.   From the e-Activity, list three valid reasons why a company would pursue onshoring or insourcing. Include an example to justify your response.
  • Scoring System” Please respond to the following:
    • 3.   Imagine you have been tasked to select a scoring system to rank each project in consideration in IT portfolio management. Review each ranking option and then select the one you believe is the most efficient for ranking each proposed project. Provide a rationale for your selection.
    • 4.   Identify other considerations that would be of value in ranking a project, and explain why you believe they are valuable.
    • The World Is Flat” Please respond to the following:
      • 5.   In 2006, Thomas Friedman authored a book entitled, The World Is Flat. Since that time many people have adopted a global perspective to business. Determine the security concerns that are raised by the flattening of the technological landscape. Explain your answer.
      • 6.   list and explain three ethical concerns that may be argued from this flattening of the technological landscape.
      • Ethics and Security” Please respond to the following:
        • 7.   Organizational end users are generally in the background when it comes to protecting the IT infrastructure. As the chief security officer (CSO), develop a security awareness training communication plan for these users. Your plan must be in nontechnical terms to the user population that incorporates the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organization’s information assets.
        • 8.   Give your opinion as to whether ethics training and security training should be conducted together within an organization. Explain your answer.
        • Please 2 pages thank u.

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